Anyone Knows the Name of this Property Plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by airborne101st45, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Hello, after playing in two prison servers, I started making my own. I have been looking like crazy for the name of a plugin that I have seen on both the servers. The plugin is basically a sign that you put outside of what I assume is a worldguard defined region. When you right click the sign, you rent the region and get the permissions to build in that region. The sign shows the price to rent that region and the number of days you will rent it for. If you right click the sign again, it will extend your "lease" over the region. This sign is used to rent cells and storage rooms. I searched Bukkit for a similar plugin but the closest one I found was outdated so it doesn't work with Bukkit 1.1. Here is a screenshot of the sign. I hope someone knows the name of this plugin.
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    I can't see the screenshot.

    Regios might work for what you want, but it probably isn't exactly what you want.
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    The sign reads...
    35 mins left​
    I'm also looking for this plugin. Hope anyone can help :D
    P.S It is not regios or BananaRegion I checked.​
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