Anyone else lag spike + client crashes?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KrazyBonez, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I seem to get random lag spikes that only last for a second but occur pretty often.

    I also have a problem where people cannot mine at low depths or else they crash on a pretty regular basis when breaking blocks down low.

    Anyone else having either of these?
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    Sorry, but i dont trust random files on my server. Im not saying anything bad about you, but i just dont trust it. Anyone have any input as to why these things are happening?

    One of my players made this thread on minecraftforums, explaining when he crashes and what provokes it.
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    if you dont trust me you could download it and check with antivirus and test on a VM
    or you could compile your own verison.

    go into and delete this:
            if (this.ticks % 900 == 0) {
                // this.methodProfiler.a("save"); // CraftBukkit - not in production code
                // this.methodProfiler.b(); // CraftBukkit - not in production code
    as i said in the linked post you have to do save-all from time to time, but its not needed to save-all if you want to stop the server.
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