Any Server's Need a Dev?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SwearWord, Nov 18, 2011.

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    For more info, our server spec's:

    RAM 8 GB
    Hard Drive 500 GB SATA2
    Bandwith 10’000 GB at 100 Mbps port
    Operating system: Windows R2 2008 Standard
    Processor: i3 – Dual Core – 3.06Ghz H/T​

    As it say's here we are running on windows giving you a nice and easy platform to work on, our hoster's a fully cooperative (we are not using one of thoses premade server, we are talking real sh*t here..)

    As fysics said, we can also offer something in exchange, I am sure we can discuss that if you are interested in us.
    In the future, BlueMining is planning to developpe a Survival Server, but we are focusing right now on our Creative server.
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    hey mate,
    i know you've had alot of offers, but feel free to pop on the server in my sig.
    a great lil' community with talented builders, always welcomes new faces. :)
    maybe see you on their matey! :)
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    Swearword, a bit off topic here but don't I remember you having and loving your own server? A city or such? I think I even remember stating i'd check it out some time..
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    Hello, Im looking for a Plugin Developer for my server called SpookyCraft

    The server itself can hold about 110 people with no lag, and it will hold over 200+ in a few days (waiting for machine box to arrive}

    There are at least 70 players on at a time during the weekends, and usually 30 - 50s during the weekdays.

    Our team consists of:

    1born2kill - Server Owner
    iSpooked - Server Owner
    Technius - Plugin Dev
    McJuice - GFX

    And About 7 - 8 Staff members

    Our server can be considered as SMP, with a shit load of plugins. Our server won't be down any time soon, at least [6 months] because I just ordered it for that long

    If you are interested to become our DEV, contact me!

    Want to visit our website?
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    This thread still going? Haha
    Just saw it, thought I'd say that my server would love a dev, we're planning on starting a 2nd and perhaps 3rd server when each server lifts off, all for different reasons. If you're interested, which is somewhat wishful thinking, I would love to welcome you aboard our humble little server!
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    im on hamachi, and im were building , our city is in a hugeee glass dome, and i got a few problems in my server and i would like a bit of help.
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    Lunar Delta

    Hell, might as well give this a shot. Project Genesis has always needed a good dev or two. I won't try to impress you with our statistics or hardware stats. Just stop by some time and talk to us a bit. That's the best way to get to know people properly! We're a medium-sized server, extremely friendly and close-knit, and have been going strong for over a year straight now.
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    This thread is a bit dated now, are you still looking for a server?
    (Not asking personally, just for some of the new posters)
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    Nah I'd like to let this list populate, I will have some time in the future to select one.
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    Brant Wladichuk

    Hey man. I'm looking to re-populate my staff list for the relaunch of my server..

    Dedicated hardware
    Intel Xeon E3-1270 @ 3.8GHZ
    16GB ram
    Solid State Drive

    We run a survival server, a creative server, a private server and a hardcore challenge server cluster.

    I've been building a couple exclusive server plugins ( which is a fun little treasure hunt (wip)

    But i'm limited to PHP...
    Would like some one who actually knows java to join the team

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