Any Server's Need a Dev?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by SwearWord, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I'm looking to join a server. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Gravity is always lookin for chill people :D
    We have a teamspeak and one minecraft server (recently compressed 4 of them into 1, multiworld)
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    I have a micro server that contains my nephew, his friend and I.
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    Sure, I have a nice survival server going on my dedicated machine :) Maybe you could help setting up the creative or RP servers :p
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    I believe that you saw Arvina at a time, add me on skype, my username is Shamwoow, I'll show you all the new things we've added, and introduce you to the new devs, and maybe we can work something out. Very impressed with VirtualShop and Chunky btw.
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    Looks are if effectsdude79's got you, but we would love to have you. We meaning me and one other guy. We are starting a server called Pangea.
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    Frontier-Craft is starting up. We need developers, moderators, and admins. We already have some staff, mainly close friends, but we could definitely use a developer! If you would like to help us out, you could email me, or PM me here.

    Our server is pretty much making an MMO out of Minecraft. One similar to "Darkfall." Players could do many things; from following the questline we make, to making their own town and PvPing. They could apply for being an architect, and build for the server, or just build for the towns they live in. It would have something for everyone. Some features we are thinking of are classes, which would limit the items people could use, and give each class a key skill, driving the need for teamwork higher.

    If you have any questions, or would like to join us, please email me or PM me.
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    Well, I own a game hosting company with our main server being active server for over a year now, Since I do game hosting, I could easily get you a test server for your plugins.
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    I have a server, don't need a dev specifically though. Multi-world, one for rpg one for freestyle. ;)
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    Every server needs a dev =D

    Mine could use help with anything and everything. Hard to do by my self, with my limited knowledge. Learning as I go =P
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    It would be awesome to have a dev on my server!
    We're a RPG server, and although we are small,we have a loyal group of members that log on all the time. Here is our planet minecraft link that has some pictures and a little more information:
    And we'll update to 1.0.0 as soon as it is available!
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    We'd love a dev' on board ! MinecraftEurope's launching it's 4th server, a brand new and fresh war server, which is already looking good in pre-release :D
    PM me if you'd like to join the team :D
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    i am very interested in a dev for my server i think you would be lots of help i have so many ideas but dont know how to script or write plugins/mods message me back if you want the ip oh and i have a teamspeak server as well so you can come in and hang with the clan we also enjoy meeting new ppl
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    Im running a survival server. Looking for admins and devs alike, not a huge setup just a simple 24/7 old servering machine that runs a few servers for me. If you would like to check it out. Not that i have any thing to offer just need people thats not just regular players. If you want to know more reply or pm me.
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    Our dev is not that good, considering he has his own server to run. We would love you here at fightcraft. Our website is
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    Hi there! i run which is an (almost) "pure" survival server, and i could really use a developer, yes. With all these other people wanting a developer too, i dont think i stand a chance, but i might as well reply anyways. We are currently having problems with no one to help, and despite our 80 slots and 3.5 GB RAM, my/our server isnt popular. Let me know if im the lucky one to achieve your help :)
    Also i'm starting up a new server called Falconcraft, which is unfortunately due to my low funds, with very few slots, that got the ideal of a server with stats, skillpoints, and jobs. The Server runs a King, Knight, Noble kind of permission groups, that will help achieve the RPG feeling even though the low slots, will have a small negative impact. However, i hope that by making that server really good and flawless, something i cant do myself, it will by time grow as a result of donations and more.
    A completely 3rd and last offer would be that you, if you want to, since you just asked for a -Server- to join, i can always use a Wordpress developer for and perhaps a forum admin for
    Thanks for your time !
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    yea you can come run about on my place, its always great having someone knowing more than i about plugins, i mean two of my admins are pretty darn experienced,one being a coder, the other owned a server for nearly a year,It would be great to have someone around with such experience, we run 30 slots, planning to upgrade to around 35-60
    Currently have like 15 regular players, running 1.0,once the first build comes out we will run it and get our new legit map underway. if you are interested
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    Oh lord yes, I have been looking for a server developer for many months, but never really found anyone that fits the bill!
    I would love to have you on my server and would be privileged to have you as part of the community
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    Hi, I will present my self.

    I am TheOwner77, if of course you still have some time left I may have an offer for you. I am the leader of BlueMining Federation, it's a new server that as camed out a couple of months ago, as of now I am the one doing all the work, but of course a little bit of help would be thank full. We are a creative server running on Bukkit, our goal is to expand the creativity of players of any ages. As all humans are born with the same imagination capability it is all up to them to expand this wonderfull ability and this can be done using Minecraft.

    Our forum,

    You can get all information to contact me over here, we are small but this is due to some recent change in the community. I would be realy thank full if you would give us a little help.

    Thank you

    P.S Sorry for the spelling and grammar mistakes, my first language is French and I am born with dyslexia witch makes it even harder to do...
  20. lol, i really hope he trolled with you guys ^^
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    I'm not, I'm going over the offers.
  22. Oh :p It just looked to good to be true ^^
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    I run a server called MC Badlands. We currently have a little over 100 active members. We are going through the process of converting to the new MC (I am putting up a vanilla world for them to mess around till Bukkit supports it.) We backed up and saved schematics for all the major structures.

    Our server is very much pro-spoutcraft. Myself and one of the other admins are working on creating custom ores, blocks, and items for the folks that log in with the spoutcraft client. We are currently trying to find a way to get the custom ores to spawn randomly in chunks so they can be mined normally.

    We used to have 4 worlds (normal survival, nether, and sky) but with the "rerelease" of the server on the new MC version, I am adding a 4th world (creative.) Our survival world rules dictate that towns are "safe" but the area outside of towns is hardcore i.e. killing/stealing permitted.

    Our most popular features are a very active MobArena community, BookWorm (and a massive library) for people to write their own books, numerous epic builders, and a great community.

    If you want to talk about it or check us out, our website is

    There aren't tons of people playing right now obviously since the new version is out and the server isn't on it yet, but I plan to upload the vanilla world today to avoid losing members.

    Oh, and we are professionally hosted by Beastnode and we have 76 slots. We have a $5 "VIP" membership rank which helps offset the cost, but I generally pay for most of it out of pocket and am never opposed to upgrading the server if need be (whether it's RAM, slots, or anything else.)
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    my server is run off of my desktop not dedicated not big and fancy but i would like to have a dedicated server to take some stress off of my tower its not a bad pc i run 4 gigs ddr3 amd athlon II x2 at 3.0 ghz and my internet connection is 18 meg people that join my server have stretched from alaska,nevada,uk,north carolina,california,new york,alabama,and ohio and it is stationed in tennessee and they experienced little to no lag o and australia cant forget that one the one from australia was actually shocked when i told him it was not dedicated but i cant go dedicated till i have perms ,anti griefing system, and i cant seem to figure out how to setup perms or antigrief also have lots of ideas concerning plugins and would like to learn how to code i also could run 2 servers one for strict play and one for strict testing with only 2 slots for me and you for testing of plugins the strict play server can be how ever many slots my computer can hold before lag sets in anyways to say the least after all my jabber please help me for i am in desperate need thank you for your time

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    Well, I'm not gonna try to show off my e-peen here to gather your respect. Just a simple "My server would love a dev" post and a link to the server's forums and thread.

    The Plague MCForum
    The Plague Forums
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    SwearWord, I'm PMing you.
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    Holy shit.

    You're welcome to join our server. We have lots of ideas, and a succinct lack of good programmers. We're a public survival-esque server.

    We currently consist of one 3GB RAM bukkit server on a shared hosting platform (via, which I conveniently work for), and a 1GB RAM vps for web / mumble hosting as well as any other odds and ends (such as I want to expand with a second server that's either a public creative server, or a private paid clone of the public survival server at some point. (I also want to start renting a small development server if our donations can keep up enough to fund it, which it's looking like will happen.)

    I've seen your previous work, and I trust your skill and judgment enough that if you think significant changes should be made to the server (with regard to the rules, plugins, etc), more than likely, we'll make those changes.

    I don't want to make any promises, but we can also probably pay you a small amount if you'd like. Our donations are currently far exceeding our costs.

    Our cap is 60 right now, and we usually top out at 25 players on busy days. (The cap is basically however many people I think the server can hold. We had around 65 people on at one point with no problems.) I like the feel of a small server, so I think 25 or 30 is a good place to top out at before splitting into two servers.

    And if you join today, I'll throw in this spatula, absolutely free.

    If you're interested, either pm me, email me ([email protected]), query me on esper, or hit me up on mumble (, default port).
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    Hey SwearWord,

    I would like to tell you that I am about to start 3 new minecraft servers (1 vanilla, 1 creative, and 1 anarchy).
    Your help would be greatly appreciated, and I would make you Co-Admin on the servers for your work. Our website (still in development) is

    If you could be a part of our server, we would greatly appreciate it!

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