any legit servers out their? 24/7? read below

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by THE_MASTER79, Jul 5, 2011.

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    im looking for a server with protected regions, world guard / anti grief related plugins
    strict on cheating and anti xraying etc.
    banned on sight for spawning items etc.
    no spawning building materials
    all legit
    let me know~!
    i want to join now, i will be dedicated, im strict on anti cheating
    post server info below​
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    you can find a few of these, I'm sure, on among others.
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    You're more than welcome to take a look at the server I run, we're completely legitimate and are against cheating / hacking.
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    You could join mine but you would have to post an applicaion on minecraft forums, check out the website at
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    76 dot 99 dot 56 dot 249 with default port

    No hacks/cheats/dupes/gives/tps allowed (except to fight hacking). Towny, mcMMO, a bunch of other stuff. Et cetera. It's PvP Survival though, so that may not be your thing.

    However it's still on 1.7 so until THATS fixed.. boo. :(
  6. You can take a look at my server, we've been running since October on the same map. Strict application process and zero tolerance policy.

    Link in sig :)
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    My server is primary creative but has a strict survival world. To make it interesting you can't go onto the surface in survival mode. I do have a building qualifier to gain membership but tell me your ign and I'll let you into survival. Ip is
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    hey my info is below i dont like cheating or griefing i banned on site i have big brother and towny for greifing and then NoCheat for no cheating (duh) and ya i got a website that has info if u need it
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    my servers goood its not well know so we have allot of good players we have a temp ip for four days and its
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    I'm running a multiworld minecraft server which has a survival world, the ip is It's not up 24/7, but you're still very welcome to come and join in the fun!
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    Feel free to join Craft Zone, we got some self developed plugins specially made for Craft Zone.
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    My server is called HeroiCraft. We are a semi-new server with tons of plugins to prevent spawning, hacking, and grieifing!

    We are 24/7, unless I need to turn it off to some reason like fixing something or whatever, but it's mostly up 24/7, the only lag you'll notice is your computer, if your comp lags.

    Our currency is gold, we have a server mall just outside the spawn. In the mall you can buy and sell over 20 different items like cobblestone, wood, torches, etc...

    Our spawn is blocked with worldguard, our server is a whitelist server, so no griefers will join! If someone ends up greifing our server somehow, it runs a backup every 15 minutes, so if anything does go wrong we can just restore it from a checkpoint!

    Click my name, and click start a conversation, let me know if you want to join us! We currently only have about 10 active members, we expect to reach 30-50 then stop allowing more, because we want a small, friendly community.
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    If you are still looking, my server is 100% grief free, I use LogBlock to make sure of that.
    The survival world is also free of any spawning whatsoever, everything is legit.
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    If you're still looking...

    We use a custom plugin which automatically detects greif using a greif-alert type system (all block types are monitored), and if no moderators are online, it will kick the greifer & automatically repair the damage, all without any manual intervention. As soon as something is built, it's protected. As a result, there has been no major greifing to date. We do not use area-protection plugins or block-restriction plugins (no worldguard or things of that nature). Lockette is installed, so theft is not an issue.

    All game mechanics are allowed without restriction (as long as you're not greifing or cheating). TNT is allowed without restriction, Firespread is enabled. Mobs are enabled, health regenerates slowly back to 5 hearts. PVP is disabled by default, but can be enabled if both players involved give consent using /pvp.

    There are other custom plugins installed which mitigate the ability for hackers to hack. (Anti X-ray), and the ones who do it anyway are banned within days. We value legitimacy; nothing is spawned. If a hacker crashes the server, within 30 seconds the server will be rebooted. According to minestatus, the uptime is 99.85%.

    The server is large, and has an active community. The player cap is 55, and every slot does get used. There is no whitelist. As of this writing, within the past 3 days, 759 players have logged in, with 441 of those logging in daily.
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    Check out my comment. :)
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    Check us out if you like.
    Busy so dont have time to sugar up my reply. ;)
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