Any Developers want money?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by XepherLink, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I am willing to pay for a plugin, that is suited for my server, which makes crops ferment and can't be obtained until 100% fermented example, you grow your sugar canes, you go to break it and it says " your plant is 0% fermented please feed it some fertilizer," you right click the plant with bone meal it says, Your plant is now 10% fermented please wait 1 minute before doing this again, and bone meal dissapears after its reached 100% a total of 10 bone meals and 10 minutes you can now harvest your crop and obtain your sugarcane. Sugar can be treated as 1 whole unit

    Do this for saplings, pumpkins, melons, sugarcane, wheat, and cactus

    I will pay a minimum of 15$ for this plugin
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    fix play to pay :D
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    What would the world do without you lol
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    haha :D
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    Err... Do you know what "ferment" means?
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    Ferment is to age, usually means for alcohol, but I didn't feel like calling it anything else
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    It really doesn't :/
    It means converting sugars to alcohol
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    How about "your plant has matured"
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    Yeah, ferment is kind of a bad name in my opinion.
    This would be much better.
  10. Did anyone make this?
    I made a version which is almost done, the only thing there is left to do is make it so that you can only ferment/mature it once per minute. :d
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    I have a developer working on it already
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    Father Of Time

    Not me, I hate that sh*t!... Joking aside...

    As previously suggested, fermentation is a misuse of the word, I would suggestion something more like:

    So Germinate, but that's just my two cents...
  13. Kkz, just decided to try and make this and it turned out it worked :p.
    Im not that experienced with java yet, so I wasn't sure if it would work xD

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