Anvil Money Glitch Patch Plugin!

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    Plugin category: Money Glitch Patch

    Suggested name: Anvil Money Glitch Patch

    What I want: I REALLY need a plugin that disables where you cant rename items with a Anvil. Because on any server now you can make infinite money because you can sell stuff that is renamed and wont leave your inventory. Please make this!!

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: amgp.bypass

    When I'd like it by: ASAP!!!!
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    I'll try this​

    Edit: Downside is, I don't be able to detect name changing. So I can either disable them permanently for now, or you can wait until we have a workaround
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    Or wait until Bukkit adds a "ItemRenameEvent" :p
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    Or register the event yourself.
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    I found an easy workaround! Works great, let me upload
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    what plugin are you having this plugin with? I'm pretty sure most shop plugins use their item value not their name.
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    Oh wow guys, I came on thinking there would be no reply. But someone allready did it! How freaking awesome! Thank you so much! I will tell all my friends who own servers to download! Man I cant say thank you enough!
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    Hey, if you'd do me a favour by liking my video for this project when it comes up on my channel above, I'd accept that as a thanks! :D
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    ZeusAllMighty11 There no downloads -_- Its up but he has not downloaded it yet.
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    Bukkit dev has to approve the file, lol...

    Speed code video!

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  12. OffTopic: How do you get the black box ZeusAllMighty11, I'm kinda new at coding.
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    I dont understand the bug. What duplication bug are you talking about?
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    A bug with the ChestShop plugin where if you rename an item using an anvil and sell to a player-shop, it will give you the money but won't take the item. This results in you being able to drain users accounts of their money with no penalty.
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    Not only for chestshops, but any plugin that does not need a data value of 0.
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    The plugin that was made the patch this didnt work. :/
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    If you're using ChestShop all you need to do is update ChestShop...
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    Still exists in the recent update.
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    Its been fixed in the Alpha versions which exist on

    I've double checked, its not an active bug.
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    Just tested on my server. You can still use items that were renamed, but cannot use items that have just been renamed. At least it is fixed now.

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