AntiGrief Built into Bukkit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Procrastination, Jan 2, 2011.

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    A nice simple anti grief, item-blacklist, tnt-nerf, fire-spread, lava-flow, and water-flow is all that anyone really needs. Of course these can all be turned either on or off.
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    Like the currency system suggested earlier; this should be a plugin, not a built-in feature. Remember, one of the goals is to avoid getting a ton of bloat in the core server.
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    From past experience, WorldGuard, GriefAlert, and other things used up a ton of CPU on a one threaded hmod.

    There's no need for extraneous things like, water-flow-classic, or sponge-toggle on the new multi threaded Bukkit.
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    Agreed the entire point of bukkit is to be an efficient and light almost API like minecraft bit for plugins to work.
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    The majority of servers running (minus vanilla) have antigrief installed. Not adding it is just like adding 5 minutes more work.

    You can disable or enable any of these, so it really won't make a difference if you don't want it.
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    I definitely think it should be a plugin. People who want it can install it from the plugin repo. There are plenty of servers that don't have anti-grief installed. Mine certainly doesn't.
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    Still, I think that adding it in as a core feature is still a bad idea. Having it as a plugin makes more sense for a couple of reasons:

    - As stated above, it's just more bloat that doesn't need to be in the core server.
    - By not having it as a core feature, it's one more reason for the devs to create a decent hooking system that will support it without causing slowdown.
    - Not everybody agrees on the way it should be implemented. :)
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    The majority of servers do.

    True on and off button, doesn't always have to be a core feature.
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    The main problem with it being in the bukkit mod and not a plugin is that if I want a different anti grief plugin instead due to ease of use,features or whatever I will now have some useless bloat that doesn't do anything Ideally piece of software should be as modular as possible.
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    I really agree that it should all be modular. I can do my own core modifications if necessary.
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    Preatty much everything in Bukkit is going to be a plugin including most of the default utilities and commands. So just about everything can be swapped out with something else if you do not like how it works.
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    I agree with legend, but also some people might not want these directly built in to their server. They might want to be able to choose from a large array of different anti grief mods rather than use the built in one.
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    The decision we have previously decided upon is that those features will not be in core, and instead they will be part of WorldGuard and WorldGuard will be the recommended plugin.
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    I think that WorldGuard did the job really well on hMod, while having builtin stuff would help us by not having to install loads of plugins it would cause a lot of bloat, so i guess, as with the currency, this will not be happening :(
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    I do like the idea of keeping bukkit as light and flexible as posible but maybe when it is released fully, have an option to download it with a small list of recomended plugins, fully configured and ready to go. (WorldGuard included)
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    Actually, that would be really rather interesting. Set up a first-run style program where it gives you a list of packages which contain certain preset plugins (somewhat like setting up a Linux distro with their preset packages), and allow the user to customize from there.
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    Exactly. Could posibly take it even further by having this install "program" let you sellect from a list of all available plugins in the repository and download and install the ones that are sellected, recomended ones at the top of the list of course.
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    It would be so cool if you could chose like a package so you chose like 5 plugins and you get the mod with those plugins already installed :p
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    Way ahead of ya. ;)
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    yeah, but i kinda only read bits of it so i didn't really see that :p
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    I think this thread has been completly de-railed. It was about building anti-greifing into bukkit but has now turned into a thread about a catch-all bukkit installer.:D
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    Yes, yes it has :p
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    I second this.

    On the similar theme to the Linux distros having a computer have selectable 'roles' (e.g. Desktop, Server) you could have 'Role Playing' role servers that could recommend all the RP stuff like iConomy and if 'Construction', various building tools etc.

    You could also have this 'Top plugins' list dynamic, based on user star ratings, number of downloads etc that way we can avoid bias (but not discounting the possibility of a 'Featured' flag to promote upcoming plugins) my assumption is this data could be pulled from
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    moved to appropriate forum.
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    That stuff would be pretty cool :)
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    I think however bukkit is made that it is going to be epic!
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    Yes, yes it will be :)
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    it would be nice but is it TRULY require to run a server and by this I mean the basics and etc and the answer to this is a no so I doubt it shall be as part of the system but as a modular add-on
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    We will not add any extra functionality to Bukkit apart from the bare minimum that is required to run a Minecraft server and for the Bukkit plugin interface. We may provide a default package when releasing Bukkit, though. This is still under discussion.
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