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    so, suddenly i see alot of server that use NCP + AC combination so i thought that maybe i'd use that too, butt hen i heared that there is a forceOP hack hidden inside NCP so im kinda dangering my ass putting it on the server but in general, is AC and NCP work good together?
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    There is no such thing as ForceOp so long as you download your plugins at DBO.
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    Its NoCheat++ (a fork of NoCheat+ that lurks around the internet) that has code inside of it that allows anyone to op themselves without permission. If you download NoCheat+ from bukkit you won't have to worry about it.
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    NC+ and AntiCheat are both free from .OP code. Im sure that asofold and h31ix would never put such a thing in their plugins:

    As long as you get them from this sites everything should be fine. There are some script skids that modify NC+ and/or AC to /op players without having the permission to /op. So if you install plugins on you server then be sure that they always come from DevBukkit and not something like mediafire or dropbox links.

    Also NO! Don't use them together! that's not healthy for your server and will cause many unneeded bugs. So best way would be to test both and use that one you like.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Using them both together is not a wise idea, as it will actually have an adverse effect on your server.

    As far as force op or any backdoor, the BukkitDev staff do a tremendous job of reviewing every single plugin that goes on BukkitDev. Any plugin you download there will be safe, including NCP and AC (I don't review my own plugins, nor do any of the other staff)
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