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    dot dot dot

    Plugin category: NoSpam

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: antiSpam+

    What I want: plugin that checks player's ip when chat and antispam that thinks same ip: same player. I mean (did random ip idk whose is this) has 2 accs on. And 1 acc said "hello1234" and other said "hello1234". The antispam works

    Ideas for commands: /asp(AntiSpamPlus) <true/false> Toggles AntiSpamPlus

    Ideas for permissions: asp.bypass -allows bypassing AntiSpamPlus

    When I'd like it by: in 1 weeks
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    Can you be a bit clearer? If you want to prevent spam, chatcontrol by kangarko is probably one fo the most effective plugins that would handle this. Ik this section is for looking for developers to make people plugins but I for one don't think reinventing the wheel is worth it
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