Filled [anti-xray] Survival base hider (alternative to factions?)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by skiithaw, Feb 19, 2018.

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  1. TLDR:
    Your base will be invisible to other players unless they are near it, preventing xrayers from spotting legitimately well hidden underground bases from the surface.

    How it could be implemented:
    1. Equip the designated item for plotting the base (feather? Wooden hoe?)
    2. Plot region exactly the same as with world edit. (Can set maximum area in settings txt).
    3. Area selected will be replaced with an abundant block if nobody is within a configurable distance from it.

    Other ideas:
    - The size of the area to protect could be linked with a currency plugin ($2 per block hidden for example?)
    - Ability to choose the replacement material (dirt, sand, netherrack, stone, air?).

    Reason for request:
    I would really like to make a "vanilla" minecraft experience of pure survival, where simply hiding your base out of sight is enough to keep it safe. If you find someone else's base, it's fair game, no protection. But because so many people use chest finders and xray hacks, this just isn't possible anymore.

    Currently, the only options are to venture miles and miles away from spawn (50k blocks +) which causes the world data to get stupidly large, or to use protection plugins that lock chests or even entire chunks. I find these methods to be too intrusive, and miss the good old survival before hacks became so easily obtainable.

    I am aware of plugins like ore obfuscator that replace everything underground with spam of valuable resource. But even that is not enough for chest ESP, as a player built base looks very different from random chests.
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    For point #3, it's usually not a good idea to actually replace the blocks, but rather to trick clients into thinking they're not there (this way it can't interfere with any other plugins). I'm not sure how it's done, but I do know it's possible.

    This would be a great plugin to make, but I am too busy.
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