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    Anti X-Ray Plugin
    what does it do:
    it blocks users with X-ray mod installed from logging in

    how does it work?:
    just install it into the plugins folder

    newbyModder from official creator of the client mod

    link removed.
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    Lol, same thing I thought. Seems unsafe. But thats just me being psycotic
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    tested on my own server safe to use remember not created by me just posting it on bukkit forums
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    This plugin checks if a user tries the command "ixray12345" and kicks him. Thats all.
    Are X-Ray mods really that stupid to announce that they're being used? :confused:
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    no there is a client side xray mod that can work without command and this plugin disconnects them when they have the mod installed
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    there is a xray mod just use a xray texture pack!
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    I took a look at this plugins source code. All it does is kick the player if they send the command /ixray12345 to the server or writes /iusexray in chat.
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    well i am not sure about it i didnt develop it but when a player who has the mod installed tryed to connect they get a auto-kick

    notch has fixed that a who while ago asfar as i know so that it doesnt work anymore

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    Well as there are multiple X-Ray mods out there the author of that particular one is a hero for announcing the usage to the server.
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    This is not really useful.. there are thousands of xray mods that do not announce their usage.. Sorry :)
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    well it atleast stops few of the xray mods so its a tiny bit of help in a big progress
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    Does this actually work for 617?
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    The X-Ray-mods or this plugin?
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    The detection of the /ixra12345-command should work, the chat listener isn't getting registered though. so /iusexray in chat won't be detected.
    This plugin will blow up into your face if the CommandSender couldn't be cast to Player, though...
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    Not your plugin to release so I am closing this and removing the link.
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