Anti-VPN Plugin(READ before you say it's impossible)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lecraeman, Mar 29, 2014.

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    This would be a VERY complicated plugin to create, but I think it would be incredibly useful.

    If you look at this thread(If this is advertising please tell me):

    He goes about showing you how to get someones ISP or 'Internet Service Provider'. Notice how it says "AnchorFree" or "HotSpot Shield" or something similar in that area if they are using a VPN plugin.

    Why can't a plugin check someones ISP and if it's one listed in the plugin config it automatically kicks them with a message that says "VPNs are not allowed, please disable it".

    If this is impossible feel free to tell me, but I was thinking about it yesterday, and it would be infinitely useful if it worked :D
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    lecraeman 1. Before you figure out if they have a VPN they are logged in or left already.
    2. Why do you want this?
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    I want it to PREVENT them from logging in, but not ban them.

    I want them to know the VPN is NOT allowed on the server, but if they disable it, it will work fine.

    I want this plugin because people have lots of alts, and I ban people by IP if they are hacking, but with a VPN they can get on anyways.
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    Why not just ban the player name, even if only temporarily, if they "hack". Less worries for you, and you don't need a complicated plugin.
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    Many of them have multiple accounts. It would be much EASIER to control with this plugin. Besides, not trying to be rude, but I asked for a plugin not a workaround. I'm lazy, and I feel like MANY people would love this plugin.

    Forgive me if I seem rude xD not trying to be!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    There are loads and loads of proxys out there. They will be able to join anyways, they will also run out of accounts, that is for sure.
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    anyways i will do it, i think hotspot shield is more used than other proxies...
    hope that they're so dumb to not use other proxies :p

    //and here you go:

    little instructions:

    you can set the kick message in the config and you can set also all isp's you wan't block there, the one that's added defaultly is Hotspot Shield ;)

    have fun
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    Thank you so much!

    You're the best dude :D

    Are you going to make that public? I think a LOT of people would love this!
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    yeah i'm goig to make this public, but it's not finished completely.
    i found some websites that check for proxys or vpns and i would let the ip run through every check on the site
    and yeah if one site says the client is behind a proxy or vpn i will block them.
    what i also wan't to add is the possibility to make the check whilst the player is playing, like 10 secs after he joined so the login doesn't take so long (because he checks every site before the server says he's ok, with 5 sites and a bad internet connection this can take it's time) but this will be optional in the config

    and i see what i will do more

    //edit: and i will add a log
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    i noticed hotspot shield isn't very dumb...
    some of their ip's are from other isp's
    the new one i found is: Tinet SpA
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Isn't that exactly what they are trying to achieve?
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    yep :/ i think there is no possibility... i found 5 more isp's and yeah.
    no way, so the current system is nearly useless
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I know:
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    None of this makes any sense...
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    What you could do is finish what you have done, and also add an OPTION to the plugin to warn people if they connect from a different IP address...Like it will tell them "If you're using a VPN please deactivate it", and then if they get on from more then 3-5 IPs it just kicks them and notifies an admin when they get on so they can decide what to do...
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    This thread makes no sense at all. If you could actually ban the use of a VPN by banning the website it's hosted on (you can't), you could simply use the /banip command.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    How about dynamic IP's? You can't always turn that off, not as player at least.
    And what if the player travels a lot? I can have 7 different IP's on my school alone
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    With the run out of accounts thing, I have around 500 unused accounts at my disposal, Accounts are not that hard to get, since there was a way to get around 100 acounts for a few bucks.
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    Yeah, This is the issue I come across. Guys with some 100+ account and a VPN, and I can't do crap. I've had this happen 7 times in the past 3 months...

    Oi...No solution to large problems...

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