Anti Texture Packs?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Litdaze, May 6, 2012.

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    Well, i've noticed that some player are using an X-ray texture pack to find diamonds for example, since one of them said it on the chat by mistake, even if it's a lie i would like to know if there is any plugin that makes player use the default texture pack when they enter my server.
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    Ok, sorry for the very late reply, not solved. It blocks the X-ray mods.

    But the X-ray Texture pack, I repeat, X-Ray Texture Pack isn't blocked by the plugin.
    What I asked for was a plugin that made player use the Default Texture Pack or a plugin that lets me block a list of Texture packs, not mods.

    Thank You
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    it blocks X-ray texture pack the same way it blocks an X-ray hack, because the ores are sent to the client as plain stone. you cant block JUST texture packs, unless you enforce using a custom client.
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    I still see the ores what now? I am making a The Walls server for some friends but you know.
    No XRAY And then a friend his brother said. I am going to use a texturepack how to denied it
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    i dont understand anything you just said.
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