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    Plugin category: Moderation

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4

    Suggested name: AntiSwear

    What I want:
    so im making a no curse and no swear server, ive seen alot of other plugins but they've all had to be like, /anti-swear add (badword). i'm not allowed to make a giant list because of my parents, but even if i did.
    what about people using $,#,! signs? inside of the word, part of the word, etc..

    so i'd like a anti-swear/anti-curse that already has a list of badwords (Still able to be able to add bad words to the list) and stops people from half saying the word or using signs inside of the word

    Ideas for commands: /Antiswear add (badword)/Antiswear remove (badword) - thats all i need

    Ideas for permissions: player.CanAddBadwords player.CanRemoveBadwords

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible! :)
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    I've got a question, where do you want to store the bad words, if we can't have a list of them?
    Also filtering bad words isn't as easy as it looks, because people will always come up with ways to evade the filter and be able to still express themselves in that way. You probably want to add cancer to the bad words list, what happens if someone wants to talk about "skin cancer"? For more about this you can check
    so you'll get an idea of how to think about this filter and tell us how you want the filter to work (sort of)
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    i mean that i cant type it all out, we can have a list of them
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    Alright, that makes it easier. Have you thought about the filter? About what it should be able to do and what isn’t necessary etc?
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    Like what words are allowed and what arent?
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    More like what I said in one of my previous posts. About what you want filtered, because people will come up with ways to get around it. Let’s say bus is a curse word then you can say 8us or bu5 and stuff like that. Would you want that filtered too, because that would make it a lot more difficult
  7. I don't mean to seem like I'm stepping on anyone's toes by putting this here, but I had one made a while back for a server I once ran. Updated to 1.14, changed permissions and threw it up to Curse. It's not the cleanest code, but it's simple and works as intended. Once it's reviewed by the mods, it'll be good to go.
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