Anti Mob drops for flying survival players.

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    On my server I allow survival players the gift of flight so long as they can afford the huge iconomy fee to purchase it.

    But 1 problem with it is players use the flying to get easy kills on mobs and take their drops.
    Here is what I want the plugin to do:
    1. When a player attacks a mob it checks to see if the player is flying.
    2. If the player is flying and the mob dies, it simply doesnt drop any items.
    3. If the player is not flying, drops happen normally.
    4. If the player weakens the mob while flying then kills it while not flying it does not produce any drops.

    I want to force players to actually have to fight to earn their goodies.

    Also, add a feature for creative players that while in creative any mob attacked gets instantly removed and does not drop items.
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    wow, no replies. sad.
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    try smoothflight.

    it wont stop people from fly killing but it
    A) will cost them food to stay in the air, so they eventually have to land and eat
    B) it is more like a jetpack effect than the perfect hover of creative flight so fly killing becomes very impractal
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    If you're still looking for someone to make it, I can. Also, you only waited 2 days before saying
    That's sad :p
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    I am still looking for someone to make it. and 2 days is long enough for it to drop to where nobody will see the topic.
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    Fair enough, and let me try this now...
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    If this is added, wouldn't the players attack the mobs to low health in flight, and just return to ground for final blows and get the drops? I think it is not a solution to your problem.
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    That is true... I agree. However, if the people pay SO MUCH for flymode, they should deserve the drops :p
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    No because you didnt read it all.
    I clearly stated I wanted to plugin to see if the player is flying when the mob is hit, if said mob was hit even 1 time by the flying player, that mob wont drop drops at all.

    Basically the plugin requires that the mob dies while not flying at all.

    The price isnt that ridiculously high and its more for allowing players to faster travel the lands as well as being able to build better.

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    Ok. I'll make the plugin that stops players from harming mobs if they are in survival mode and are flying.
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    Awesome that works! Didnt think of just making mobs not take damage while flying.
    Please make sure it only effects survival players and not creative players.

    Also as a small side job, could you make it so when a creative player attacks a mob, the mob is instantly removed with no drops?
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    Sure, I can try.

    I'll finish it when I get home, in a few minutes.

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    I got a better solution.. if a player is flying cancel the damage to the mob... then they have to be on the ground.
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    I believe we already thought of that later on if u read.
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    damnit.. I guess that's what I get for reading 3-4 posts then replying huh...

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