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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Darkmoon22, Aug 14, 2013.

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    hi guys, im the server owner, and i want people to not be able to create flint and steels (or just not be able to use them). I have world guard, and essentials spawn,essentials, and world edit
    (these are the ones that are important)
    I want fire to be able to spread in pvp but not in survival world
    and also flint and steels can be created in pvp but not in my survival world
    how do i do that? and also I want lava buckets to not be able to be placed down, by players nor dispensers, but lava bukkits can be used in a furnace. and fire should not be able to spread becuz of lava. Pls could you guys help me with this, ive added a worldguard flag that fire-spread deny
    but fire still spreads. And if you guys think of other things that would help then pls tell me (ps is there a way to prevent gravel or sand bombing spawn?
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    CoreProtect, should do you good for logging etc.
    WorldGuard, will do you good for region protections.
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    new problem, I found out that i have flagged my survival world that fire spread is deny
    and in my pvp world it doesn't spread even when i set it to allow

    so basically worldguard isnt doing its job with fire spread, but other ones are working, like /region flag __global__ tnt deny. thats working...... what is happening?

    I've already have world guard, pls read the whole thing

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    Darkmoon22 - You need to set high frequency flags to true in the configuration. However, world specific rules like fire-spread are best tuned from the configuration file specific to that world. You can also use blacklists to block lava buckets in each world. I'm not sure what sand or gravel bombing is, but it'd be easy enough to block block edits at spawn, or using coreprotect or an alternative to rollback those blocks.
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    ok thank you , this should help me a lot, and btw sand or gravel bombing is when a player starts building up right next to spawn and goes really high and goes on top of spawn (becuz of spawn pretecion radius and puts gravel down and that surrounds spawn
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    Darkmoon22 - Rather than using spawn radius. Define a region around spawn with the world edit wand. Then make sure it goes sky to bedrock by using the command "//expand vert". Use /rg define <name> and you will have a protected area so people can't go up high and rain down sand on your spawn.
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    ok thankyou
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    The simplest way to ban flist and steel usage is to download EssentialsAntibuild, then sett the config.yml file like this:
    # Which blocks should people be prevented from placing?
    # Which items should people be prevented from using?
    usage: 259
    Also remember to set build and use to false above:
     # Should people with build: false in permissions be allowed to build?
    # Set true to disable building for those people.
    # Setting to false means EssentialsAntiBuild will never prevent you from building.
    build: false
    # Should people with build: false in permissions be allowed to use items?
    # Set true to disable using for those people.
    # Setting to false means EssentialsAntiBuild will never prevent you from using.
    use: false
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    Or you can use the WorldGuard blacklist...
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    Thx i have worked that out
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