Anti-griefing plugin idea (different to existing ones)

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  1. So, this is what i have in mind:

    - A plugin that makes it impossible for users to destroy another user's placed blocks (unless that user is an admin).
    - The user could share their structures with other players (effectively giving them destroy permission on their blocks via a command (/allowdestroy Player1)
    - The same thing should be applied for chests (i know that plugins that allow chests to be locked exist, but combining the two functionalities in a single plugin would be great)

    Well.. if anyone is good @ java and has free time, i would really appreciate it and i think a lot other server admins would appreciate it to :)
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    I did ask for something along these lines on the hMod forum but with people able to destroy blocks that people have placed if the placer is on line.
    I think it would be possible if you had it log every block placement but this would use to much space.
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  3. Well, yes but i think a "friend" system (the possibility to allow someone to alter your blocks) would be more suited.
    Also, yeah, it would take a lot of space to log the block owners but then again.. this would make a great plugin... I'am currently using a plugin similar to this for my gMod server (falco's prop protection) and it's great.

    Optionally, there could be an admin back/end / config file where the server admin could configure the plugin's options
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    Yes it would be an awesome plugin, i never said it wouldn't be :)
    I think it would just take up to much space :(
  5. Yep, that is a drawback. But i'm sure some talented programmers could find a way to bypass this issue (perhaps using MySQL would make this better, although i personally don't like to use it, not because i can't but because I think it complicates things..)
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    Something like this would be hard to do/very slow as you would have to keep track of every block placed and by whom and then whenever a block is going to be destroyed, you'd have to check if that block is "owned" by someone and alow/deny acordingly. An easier idea would be to create permision zones. eg. a player builds his house and creates a zone around it so that all blocks in that zone are unbreakable to all except those players that he allows.
  7. Somethign like that already exists.
    It's called CuboidPlugin.
    Yes, that is a viable alternative but i still think this would be perfect because of the low admin interaction required (let's say there aren't any admins online and a user needs his place protected :S)
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    Maybe a cuboid like plugin that allows the admins to create plots that players can then claim by using a sign with something saying like "[PlayerName]" on the second line and then only that player could build there and other players who he puts signs for could build there too, maybe have it so that you can only claim 2 plots?
    Not sure if this is possible but it would be useful.
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  9. I like your idea. This would be a neat feature for Cuboid.
    But first let's see if it's going to get ported to Bukkit :S I sure hope so, or if not, i hope the Bukkit Staff will add some sort of efficient griefer protection to the new admin mod...
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    I didn't mean a feature added to cuboid i meant a cuboid like plugin, so an all new plugin just for what i said above, if that is possible of course.
  11. Right.. my bad.
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    So the admin would make a number of plots and using a feature like cuboid you would set each plot to claimable, and then a player can come and right click a plot with a tool, maybe an empty hand, and see if the plot has been claimed and by who and then if it hasn't been claimed you could use the sign command said above or have an actual command if that is easier and then once you have claimed a plot you can let others build on your plot by using a command or using a sign command.
    I think this would be a good feature as it would stop griefing as only those you allow to could build on our plot and then you could give a command to certain groups who you would like to be able to build even if the plot is protected, so if someone were to come and protect a plot when they have lots of others that player could go and destroy the sign and place one for the new player :)
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    I think you guys are misinterpating what I said, I meant the same as Cuboid exept that players can create thier own zone... on their own... without an admin present... at all.

    Thinking about it though, it'd probably have to be that they can create only one zone and would need admin permision to expand/move it.

    Something like this would be entirely posible too.
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    So making what i said above would be possible?
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    Yeah, definatley. An admin creates a zone and the plugin stores it's coordinates to a file/SQL. When a user places an appropriate sign, the plugin reads the file/SQL and cross-references the zone's coordinates with the sign and sets the permisions appropriately.
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    So you know anyone who could make it or could you make it?
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    I'm still learning plugin writing at this stage, I could make it given enough time (BaseEcon has higher priority at the moment) but you might be better off hitting up one of the more experienced devs at the moment.
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    Cool, will do, thanks for telling me its possible, i will see if someone more experienced sees this thread :p
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    So what happens if you're building with sand and it falls? You'd make an indestructible block of "air" under your name D:
    Also, the idea of "if you place a block, only you can break it" has incredible potential to CAUSE griefing. You could block other peoples doorways, you could entirely fill someone elses house with dirt, you could ENCASE someone elses house in dirt and they wouldn't be able to get in! Then you have admins needing to do MORE than they would with cuboid has they would have to clean up the mess manually!

    Just thought I'd bring this up about the OP idea.
  20. did not think of this :) thanks for pointing it out.
    Then I guess we are stuck to hoping that Cuboid will be ported to Bukkit :D
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    Worse they could encase a player in dirt.... lol
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    You also have the issue of people dropping random blocks to climb mountains, admins having to clean up after people that never return, and not owning air. Filling your house with lava is just as bad as removing all the blocks.
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    You could just make it so theres a cmd that makes it so blocks you place cant be destroyed, and so then admins could limit it to who can use that cmd. Also you wouldnt ALWAYS be placing blocks that cant be destroyed

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