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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Skrubzy, Sep 28, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Administrative

    Suggested name: ForceBlock

    What I want: Every time the player joins the server, spawn a NPC on their head for 5 seconds, if they hit it then send a message to players with the correct permission (Message configurable). Bassically just an anti force-field plugin, all the other ones are outdated.

    Ideas for commands: /ff <player> (Spawns a NPC on the player's head and notify's staff if the NPC is hit within 5 seconds.)

    Ideas for permissions: ForceBlock.Notify (Sends a message if someone hits the NPC.)
    ForceBlock.Exempt (Exempts the player for being accused.)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP

    Notes: My server is 1.7.9 R02 (1.8 Support) Snapshot (Might be 1.7.10 R02, not too sure)

    Edit: Default message could be "&8[&cFB&8] &7{Player} May Have Force Field. Check again to be sure."

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    Just saying, if an NPC spawned above my head I would definitely hit it xP
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    Yeah xD I was going to say an invisible NPC but I don't think many hacks lock onto invisible entities. Maybe like 2 or 3 blocks above the player's head.
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    Should be within 0.5 seconds
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    Maybe 1 second? Just in case they have a toggle for it or something like that, I don't really know how hacks work...But I wanted this plugin to act as mainly an insurance that they are cheating, like an Admin teleports to them while in vanish and does the command, then they can see 1. How fast the player hits the NPC and 2. If they even hit it, then the Admins can go from there to banning and things like that.
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    I Al Istannen

    @Skrubzy What about spawning the NPC everytime they hit sb.? At that time they would most likely have their hack on and the chance for recognizing the NPC behind/above you isn't that high in a fight, I suppose. You would have to implement some kind of cooldown though, that not too many NPCs get spawned in a fight.
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    I think clients are already adpating to the spawn-npc-ploy :). Not sure that can be used for more than obfuscation on the long term.
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    @asofold you can use protocollib to spawn a fake invislble player and it works the same way
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    Technically that is better than using invisibility potions :p, fundamentally it still is the same. If i would try something, i'd also use a packet based approach like with ProtocolLib, but it looks like client developers are working towards detecting fake entities.

    You spawn (visible or not) entities that don't behave normally. Invisible entities are most simple to detect client-side, but also others might be easy to flag as "fake", unless you let them come into the field of view of the client and move like a normal player would. Extreme example is spawning a creeper above the head of the player, while there is no spawner nearby and mobs just don't spawn within 25 or so blocks of the player.
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    This won't help you catch any hackers (maybe the retarded ones) but if someone wants to really havk they will download one of the hundreds of leaked ghost clients that easily bypass this plugin. I've been staff on a huge pvp network and this was a plugin but it's not used anymore because it's practically pointless.
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    Well can anyone think of some sort of way to stop hackers from getting on the server and ruining the fun? I know about NoCheatPlus but it doesn't really cover ForceField verry well.
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