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    Hey again ...
    3rd time someone promised to make me a Plugin that works against flying and everyone has abandoned it.

    I just need a simple plugin that just disables people from flying.

    I know there is Anti-Cheat and many of these others but I don't want them, they also detect my custom abilities and skills.
    All I need is an easy plugin which disables flight and some permissions or even putting an exception name in the config would be awesome too.

    Tell me if you can make this, and if you stop working on it then please tell it too because then I know when to start looking for someone else to realise this.
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    I can do this tomorrow.
  3. You can configure NoCheat+ to only do fly checks.
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    Also using permissions you can disable flychecks on yourself
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    I tried that, disabling all logging and checking but still things bugged and when I uninstalled NoCheat+ they were fine again.
    I was asking for help but never got a response from the creator so I just abandoned that solution

    Woobie nice and quick hope it will succeed :)
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    Evenprime had the idea first and made NoFly plugin, later it got renamed to NoCheat because it blocks more then just flying around. Its not easy to make a good fly blocker plugin out of nothing, we are constantly changing things in SurvivalFly to make it work better, be more aggressive to kill bypasses and making less false positives. It should be possible to just take the NC+ fly check and make a own plugin with it but you will miss the updates on it then.

    If your skills are that insane then it (AntiFly plugin) will also "detect" them because those skills go over vanilla moving. Anti-Cheat and NC+ have a API for reason, you could try to hook your skills there. I would also recommend to take a look at CompatNoCheatPlus.

    What problems do you exactly get when you disable all unwanted checks in the config/permissions? Make a ticket on NoCheat+ and we will take a look and fix it if its an issue in NC+.
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    NC+ Works great

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