Anti-Duping Negative Items

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by si7vder, Jul 28, 2015.

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    I need to find a solution to the problem with negative items in the game.
    I am running 1.81 and I cannot update. No I can't update to fix this.

    People can get negative items by various ways, I can't stop it from happening myself.
    They place these negative items in a dropped and it will drop an infinite amount of diamonds.

    I need some kind of fix for this, a plugin that blocks these negative items would be amazing.

    Anyone knows something?
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    your server is screwed in many ways, as you have a dozen or so other exploits to have to patch if you "cant" upgrade your server jar, including force-ops, total command ownership, and forced-crashing.

    Glitches that result in negative inventory resides in a special area where blocking it is not fully possible, as the server is not able to see non-positive counts as an actual value to use in comparisons and tests. Its only possible to block a fraction of ways to generate negative items because of this limitation.
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