Anti-dupe plugin - proper guidelines to request?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Necrodoom, Oct 19, 2012.

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    more of a question thread than request thread, im not sure how to make a proper request for anti dupe on this forum, since typing out the dupe on the thread will most likely get this locked and hidden, forcing it to be private.

    any one has any idea? (il smack you in the head if you link sticky, doesnt cover plugins with sensitive info)
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    I'm trying hard but I still don't get what you just posted.
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    I don't think there is any real need to hide a dupe.

    It wont matter if you post it here, because most people here are server admins/plugin developers won't use dupes to cheat
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    He is aware of a technique to dupe items.
    It looks like he is well-mannered, as he did not present us the ways of how to dupe.
    Basically, he is looking for a plugin that eliminates the technique he knows. But he does not know how to request this plugin, since one would have to describe how the duping is done so that a developer able to cut it off by the means of a plugin.

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    You can post your issue here -- As previously mentioned, most of us here are server administrators/plugin developers.

    I believe we've had a few other similar issues posted here before; none of those topics were locked because they contained "sensitive information".

    If you want a fix, you need to give at least a general idea of the exploit (potential developers can ask for more information as needed). For all you know, you could have found a bug in CraftBukkit, or it may just be a plugin you're using. Either way, we can't help you if we don't have any information.
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    its a dupe that happens on death, not sure if i should say more than that.
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    not caused by enderpearl itself.
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    anyone up to take the plugin request?
    il provide full details if developer can be trusted.
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    I will look into it if you like, I suppose.
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    Feel free to say it here. As soon as you post it here Bukkit will know about it and can remove it officially for the next update. It is best to tell as many people as possible, as you will get a fix quicker and the makers of Bukkit can adapt the file to fix it.
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    and also allow more people to exploit it and destroy server economies with it.
    i made a private leaky ticket explaining the issue, just waiting on it being confirmed, though bukkit devs are busy of preparing for 1.4, so looking for someone to fix this dupe.
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    But if you don't tell anyone then no-one can fix it! *sigh*

    Oh well, the bug will just have to be continuosly exploited until the next update...
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    you know what? il reword this in a way that doesnt hint at the duping it self

    il need a plugin that cancels death drops, of a player, if he died and dropped items less than a minute ago.
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    Googled around a bit and was wondering if you meant this dupe:
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    same trigger as that bug, yes, although doesnt require logging off.
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    With a nether portal? Or with an ender pearl?
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    can you please just do
    i prefer to not give more ammo to griefers, they have enough as it is.
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    Cheaters will be cheaters. You cannot stop it, you can try to prevent it, but in the end you will fail. Saying an exploit on a site that the average cheater has probably never heard of won't give them more "ammo", if it's on the internet, it's already too late to hide it.
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