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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Not sure

    What I want: A plugin that when someone with a hacked client types for example, ".fly", to turn on a fly hack, the player will be messaged with something like "Hacks detected, an admin has been notified." I'm not sure if its possible to change the normal /<command> prefix to a dot, and if it doesn't work than this plugin will be completely useless. Though I've seen a few plugins I believe that have used a different command prefix. Pretty sure there are not a lot of plugins like this.

    Ideas for commands:
    Note: All above commands will tell admin that <player> is hacking and say to player "Hacks detected, an admin has been notified." There are more hacks out there, these are just the most famous and will stop some hackers.

    @ <message> Will work like /helpop and is the command to connect to some hacked clients IRC, and instead will send message to all admins and say "Message was send to all admins" and person with permissions will see "[Pluginname] <Player> has said <Message>"

    Ideas for permissions:
    pluginname.bypass Will bypass the @ and .
    pluginname.recievemessage Will recieve the @ messages
    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    I'll do this for you :)
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    The reason there are not a lot of plugins like this is because it simply doesn't work. The client does not send the message to the server.
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    Complete! You just need to add this to your plugins folder and give admins the permission node antihack.notify.

    If you would like updates, changes or have any questions make sure to tahg me!

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    CarbonPeroxide This simply wont protect your server, in fact it wont even protect your server at all. Like Dinosaurs was saying, when a hacked client using a .<hack> command, it doesn't send the message to the server. The client does that to hide itself from the server knowing that a hack was activated. Even if the client sends the message, they could always use the "console" or binded keys to turn on and off hacks. Most clients also have the feature to change the .hack to a different character than "." (ie +<hack> or ^<hack>).

    Try using NoCheatPlus for antihacks and Orebfuscator for anti-Xray.
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