Another one Bites the Dust

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by JaguarJo, Sep 12, 2014.

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    I'm going to try to keep this short because I have a tendency to ramble sometimes and most of the important stuff has already been said by others.

    If you don't know who I am, that's okay. I joined the moderation staff during the spring of this year and before that I mostly just hung around the Bukkit Help forums trying to fix people's YAML files. I've co-owned a small survival server for several years and although I never did any direct plugin development, I did handle pretty much all of the configuration and compatibility stuff. That server is basically what got me interested in coming over here to the Bukkit community.

    Even though my time as staff has been shorter than most, I really did enjoy the job. Checking threads for problems and settling disputes, talking to people when they needed help, and just general moderation stuff...I felt useful. Like I was contributing to something bigger than myself. I tried to keep the community running smoothly as best as I could with the available time that I had. Of course I wasn't doing it all alone, so I'd like to thank my fellow teammates for sharing the load. I think we did a superb job.

    And now the goodbye part. A lot of changes have been happening recently. I won't repeat it all since it has been the subject of thread after thread on here for a few weeks now. Mainly, the heart of it for me is that everything is under new management and I have still not had any sort of contact with the people in charge. I don't mind doing volunteer work, but I do mind not having open communication channels. I can't work in the dark. Combining this with the fact that I won't have as much free time to contribute here anyway (pregnant with first child, kind of a big thing for me), it just makes sense for me to resign.

    I believe we have a wonderful community here and I hope we all find our way through the unanswered questions. I'm not completely leaving the forums, but I think it's time I go back to lurking and occasionally posting in the help section. Moderation should go to someone more suited for the current situation.

    Live Long and Prosper,
  2. Another has just bit the dust....
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    We will miss you Jo.
    Have a great life.
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    Have a Great life, thanks for informing us
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    Bukkit is dying.
  6. JaguarJo good luck with your life!

    Also: I believe having kids is a big thing for everyone :D
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    Good luck with feildbaxter
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    Minecraft is dyeing, all the staff of bukkit are quiting because of mojang being A ****... Microsoft might be buying Minecraft.... EULA... The Community Raging... There is no point in mine craft without bukkit No mini games... No good servers No nothing... Its like a box being emptied with Minecraft 1 thing after another I doubt it can get worse than now... My point being... MOJANG IS DOING NOTHING well not true... Jeb is apparently "Deving bukkit 1.8"
    We need to spam Notch telling him to rejoin The Minecraft project on Twitter... Jeb is doing all this he started this Community I doubt that he wouldn't listen to the Community...
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    Thanks for your work on FBO :)
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    Thanks Jo <3
    Good luck on your first!
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    Thanks for all of your work, and good luck in the future.
  13. JaguarJo Well according to the staff page, that's just c0mp and Wolvereness that haven't resigned now.

    Thanks for your time here and and good luck with your future moderation parenting duty.
  14. JaguarJo I will miss you! Thanks for your work here I knew who you were and I thank you so much for all you did!

    AdamQpzm Well Wolvereness DMCA'd Bukkit and got swatted so that just means c0mp left.

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  15. bwfcwalshy I didn't say he was still working on CraftBukkit, I just said that he hasn't resigned. And the swatting is not relevant.
  16. AdamQpzm I didn't say you said he was working on it I was just pointing out that he should be moved.
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