Another Connecting Method?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xXMadSupraXx, Apr 20, 2011.


How may users connect without requiring my IP?

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    Well, if you are hosting more than a Minecraft-server like: mail, web and FTP and other things, maybe. You have to take that decision your self.

    Personally I open the ports I just need, no more than that.
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    My Minecraft server is the only thing I've added a service for (Port forward).
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    Chris Lewis

    honestly, you have a lot to learn. the methods described here are for those that understand them. the best way for a newb to learn is to do research, and to carefully monitor who is on their server and who they give their ip/dns to. You run security risks when you host a server, especially as a noob, and especially if you are running it from your house. you just have to decide what risks you can take, and learn about the serious ones and prevent them from happening.

    Its correct that we can't possibly try to teach you everything there is to know about the security of your particular setup and even if we tried it would be even more difficult over the internet/through forums. Just research the following topics and it will give you an introduction as to what you need to start with/protect yourself from:
    - router config (your specific router)
    - port forwarding
    - dynamic dns
    - firewall porting (hardware vs software firewall)
    - dmz
    - workgroup
    - domain (advanced)
    - vlan (advanced)

    Most routers cant handle vlan and domain control is something handled by a real server or VM server. These things are probably outside your forseeable scope so i wouldn't worry to much about them. The rest is relatively easyish to pick up if you have some tech knowledge (if not you prolly shouldn't be running a server)
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