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    Plugin category: Cheat

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Anit-Cheat

    What I want: I want an Anit Cheat Plugin that can detect Xray,And MOST HACKS

    What I want: Soon as it can be made

    Ideas for commands:/
    cheat <player>

    Ideas for permissions:
    cheat.see cheat.alert cheat.test
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    Dont think someone would just make a anticheat. Try checking existing ones already like Nocheatplus
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    Don't think anyone will make an AntiCheat for free and X-ray is pretty much undetectable as it's a render module. I guess you could randomly replace block types but idk. I would just use a free anticheat like @Sir_Jonn suggested. NoCheatPlus is not good at all but with a good configuration you might be able to get something done. I would suggest using something like AAC.
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