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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Jakeeeee, Aug 1, 2015.

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    In the example above, what the scoreboard does is it goes into a loop, every second it updates and while it updates the scoreboard it also displays the next selected text, (Look at //Changing Text) for a better explanation.
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    @Jakeeeee If you want to make a good tutorial explain everything.

    This is not enough. We don't want to copy the code, we want to learn something.
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    Ok, other than what @NickDEV Said, a few code issuses of concern.
    1. Follow Java naming conventions
    2. Why using class members instead of local variables? That is inefficient.
    3. why static?! Since those are cleared each call of the event then why should they be the same among instances? Also this may be the cause of overlapping data when the event goes on twice the same time.
    4. Lines 60 to 103 umm why plain it's? Isn't that inefficient??? Use the else if statement as well.
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    That doesn't work, very bad tutorial, it is no working for me...
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    Perhaps the thread title tag is a bit misleading and is better off as a library/utility.
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    Well, i don't know...I isn't working for me..
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    It isn't, No customizable methods.
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    Isn't this a snippet/library? It looks like one more than it does as a tutorial, which is detailed and explains every bit of it.
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    Please put more Info, and clean up the code please, very messy and inefficient
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