Animal Overload Problem - Ability to de-spawn animals?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pebblig, May 2, 2011.

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    I recently applied this plug in to my server

    Which allows you to spawn animals easily, however I got slightly carried away and now I have about 600 animals running around on the ice (Pigs, sheep and squid). So this has lead to me being unable to spawn easily and the server overloading.

    Help! XD

    My question is are there any ways of removing these animals? a plug in or something?
    I've tried turning animals and mobs on and off in the properties file. I also thought would loading the world into single player and pasting it back in make a difference.

    Thanks for anyone's help :)

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    its simple dont use that anymore. animals will despawn when you leave the area for a few minutes.... and why did you think this was a good idea outta curiousity? lol you seen it spawned things the solution was not spawning MORE things :p
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    xD It was hilarious until the lag kicked in. I think I spawned 400 squids...but they didn't come through cos of I spawned more. They all came through at once ):
    I'll try leaving the area xD Do you mean moving away from the animals? or disconnecting?
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    There is a /butcher command in WorldGuard i think.
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    it's "//butcher <raidius>"
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    Hmmm, I left the server on for about half an hour and nothing's changed xD I tried worldguard but It didn't seem to register in the server :/ I shall keep trying it.

    Resolved now, I couldn't get world guard to work so I removed the entire area in MCedit so they fell out the world. I just have to work with covering my pit of doom now =D

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    Try installing WorldEDIT and selecting one corner of the big hole, then the other corner. Then //expand vert (select from the bedrock to the skylimit) and //regen. That will put the land back the way it was when it was generated. Also, next time just try /butcher <Radius>, and that'll remove all mobs.
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