Animal Kingdom - Mobs AI, villages, jobs.

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by fullwall, Feb 28, 2011.

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    Animal Kingdom (Working title)

    This is a thread to announce the development of a plugin I will be working on. I don't normally do this WIP stuff, but this is going to be a big project, and I need some input from you all.

    Basically, animal kingdom will plan to add mob villages to the game. This includes the creating villages, jobs for animals, and some form of mob AI. Think minecolony or human NPCs from singleplayer mods, but with animals/mobs.

    I plan to roll this plugin out in stages.
    1. - implement a working mob target system.
    2. - try and implement pathfinding / rudimentary jobs system.
    3. - work on mobs destroying/placing blocks.
    4. - start work on villages proper.

    This is where I need some help from you. How should the mobs village creation system work / what are your ideas for this plugin? Should mob village creation be random or should players control location/when it's created? Should mob villages be all of the same monster type, or should many different types exist in the same village? Should mobs procreate?

    I plan to have inter-mob hostility/peacefulness, but obviously that will come later on, once village creation gets sorted out.

    So - tell me what you think, suggestions, comments or ideas.
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    I think some of the mechanics from the MMO Love might apply well here.
  3. Awesome! I was working on something like this too, just because I was bored. lol
    I can create NPC´s with skin, do the arm swing/hurt emote, and let them .. walk? I think it is more something like teleporting :p
    Maybe working together?
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    Josh Davis

    Sounds like an amazing idea! On the how the villages should be created not random or player placed I think u should make it optional that way if a admin has just made a new world and wants to fill it with villages they can (maybe selectable village density and size) but if an admin has a smoothly running world that they want to add villages to they can find a suitable location and spawn one there. As far as village creation goes idk much about coding but you could do something that detects the majority of the surrounding terrain and selects building designs from a pre made list (that maybe players could add to) that way if a village is generated in the middle of the desert it will be made out of sandstone not cobblestone and lumber. One question I have is what kind of jobs are you talking about will we be seeing a cow at a storefront or are we talking about the more human mobs like zombies and skeletons and will there be human npcs added at all?
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    Is the use of npcs necessary?
    Couldnt you use that mob with player skin?
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    Josh Davis

    Thats actually a sweet idea as long as it didn't replace all of that mob
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    I could use NPCs instead of monsters...
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    Josh Davis

    I think both would be cool who doesn't want to walk into a zombie village!
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    Does a npc keeps the chunk loaded all the time, like hmod plugin did?
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    I'm not sure... for NPCs I'd be using the lib from redecouverte.
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    I improved that lib and Added/Tested the pathfinding by Gesh, That pathfinding is kinda lame, Because it first walks the first coordinate, then the other, So it's not walking NORTHEAST or something, just first north,easth,south, of west, then to the player.

    It just walks in 2 lines.

    Also, I discovered something, minecraft has it's own pathfinding thing. I Need to take a look at it.

    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 6:59 PM ---
    If the chunks unload when no players are at a chunk based on the list: Server.getOnlinePlayers();, then no.

    Otherwise, Yes. NPC's from the Redecouverte are not listed as real players. You can easily load them as Player objects with my improved Lib that I will release on git-hub soon.
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    question: would ai be the same as tamer plugin so monsters in village are friendly to player, or would they be aggressive or would it be an option to set by admin/creator of village? or would it be random?(village here aggressive village here friendly)
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    Well as an Admin i would love too see this happen but i would rather that they wouldn't make huge cities without my permision

    Also maybe Each mob could have a role (Which would be obvious by what they wearing (if possiple))

    Also i really don't care if they go out of the village or not it might be cool if Mob Traders travel bewteen Mob Towns

    But maybe this could work as not a live updating system when mobs aren't there but maybe just calculate last time visited and when chunk is getting loaded Just speed up Progress with a not so complicated system however thats sound hard

    Good Job :)
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    Is this still under Dev?
  15. not 100% sure but I think fullwall stopped deving
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    It's not totally gone, but I doubt it'll happen any time soon. I am busy with other projects.
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