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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrFancyPants, Feb 1, 2013.

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    My server is running fine and then when i get around 30 users online TPS just drops. At 50 users TPS is at 12-13.

    System has an i5-2500 processor.
    12 Gigs of ram. (This fluctuates between 2 and 10 gigs of free memory using the lagmeter plugin)
    Worldfile is stored on a ramdisk while the server is running, other files on the SSD drive.
    MySQL is running just fine and hardly using any resources.

    Anyone have any tips on what is wrong?

    I have attached 4 timings files for you guys to analyze if you would like to help.

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    I would say ether your internet is probably not good but i always recommend Comcast or hosting
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    There is this great plugin called NoLagg. In addition to generally imporving performance, it also has an option to track the resource usage and output them in a graphical from (through a separate utility).
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    I'm not sure how to analyze the graph.
  5. I don't see any timings...
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    try to install a real time kernel.
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    Added links to the timing, that report show something of the same as nolagg does.
    We are running around 50 plugins just so you know :D

    But does nolagg actually work? We have had cases where it dit not and caused lag in stead of fixing it.

    And our internet is a 100Mbit/100Mbit connection. But maybe its the equipment between that is not up to scratch. Firewall or somtheing. I will look into it, hope you guys will have a look at the timings.

    real time kernel?

    I tried testing the server with 5 players on btw. And the processor is running at 50-60%.
    Would over 6000 mobs be a cause for consern?

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    Special kernal with a faster response, original designed for audio and other captureing where delay is critical.
    Often used on CS:S Warservers to increase the tick rate.
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    I know how to open it into the graph form, i just don't know what i'm looking at
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    Is this somthing you have tried and what was the results?
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