An update to NoFloatingTrees

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    I would very much like an update to this pluging
    The author does not want to make it anybetter then it is. So I figured I would ask the community.

    What I want it to do is catch all the trees. Right now it seems to miss a lot. I mean it "works" but when left on its own I have logged into my server many times and found floating trees. I also have some players that I cant tell if they are stupid or just trying to annoy me, but the cut the middle blocks out of trees and leave the rest there, so there is a block on the ground and some in the leaves. This negates the plugin all together. That would be nice, but not required.

    I do not want a plugin that rewards people for being lazy and just chops the whole tree down. Nor do I want one that I know most people would be confused by, example: One that if you chop a lower block one on top breaks. The normal minecraft players would just think they don't have permissions or something then quit and I refuse to explain to everyone (even though I have a site that explains everything) why that system is in place and how it works.

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