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    Plugin Category: Mechanics, Roleplaying

    Suggested Name: Agriculture Mechanics (unless you're able to secure the code and rights to update Arable, in which case the current name is fine).

    What I want: The plugin Arable ( is probably the most comprehensive farming-related plugin available. It has many excellent and configurable features that are not offered by other plugins. Unfortunately, the developer of Arable has not been online since May, and the plugin has not been updated since March, and I am worried that the plugin may stop working in the future. As far as I can tell, it is currently still working, but a future update may break it after the server's already began using it (this would probably result in economic havoc). In order to prevent this risk, I would like to request that some developer either update Arable (although this may be impossible, as the plugin is not open source and contacting the developer does not seem feasible) or create a new plugin with similar features.

    When I'd like it by: I'm in no hurry, since my server is still being developed and will take time to finish. Ideally, the replacement would be finished before Arable breaks, though.

    EDIT: I was wrong about the plugin still working; upon further testing, it appears that the wilt effect and the minSunlight and maxSunlight conditions are broken. The fact that I can't control effects based on sunlight means that I can't use the plugin to block underground farms, which is critical.

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