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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by mbaxter, Sep 6, 2014.

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Over the last two weeks, the Bukkit community has experienced some of the most substantial changes to the project since its inception. Multiple members of the staff, for various reasons, have chosen to resign. These staff are listed below, with links to their goodbye posts. Users on multiple teams are placed into just one by preference.

    The Bukkit Administrators
    EvilSeph - Honorable mention: Removed without chance to say goodbye
    TnT [tnt]

    The Bukkit Team

    The Bukkit Pull-Request Handlers/Bleeding

    The Bukkit Forum Moderators

    The BukkitDev Staff
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    Mojang can't update Bukkit due to the DCMA request and Bukkit's licensing.
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    I would like to thank all of the Bukkit staff (both resigned and active) for all your hard work; you guys are great!
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    Thank you to everyone who made this project, community, and Minecraft such a success! It won't be the same without you.
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    I'll never forget the sleepless nights with Bukkit and can only say:
    It was a honor and pleasure to meet and work with you.
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    The Minecraft community will miss you, Thanks for all of your time you put in craftbukkit. Thanks for all the fun times, You will be missed.
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    Goodbye, Bukkit staff. I thank Bukkit staff, both active and resigned, for doing everything they could to help and create Bukkit. Farewell, you will be missed. :)

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    Dinnerbone most likely will give up on Bukkit after the DMCA. If they don't fight and win in court, there's no way Dinnerbone will spend time recreating Bukkit when they are planning on making a separate official API for mods.
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    Oh hey, you're still alive. Welcome back...and goodbye again, I guess.
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    I am glad that the bukkit team takes the time to sign off in this manner. I have the utmost respect for the decisions taken by the team members in these dying hours.

    I am sad to admit that I have never left a mere "Thanks!" on the releases. This is too late now. But let there be no doubt; The Bukkit Project and the forked work has involved and ultimately benefited an insane amount of people - a number larger then some nations. If any contributer reads this, we thank you. Your contributions are threaded in numerous lives. Probably more so then you will ever really realize :)

    Sure - the enforcement of forum rules has been over the top nazi stazi <-- hah, had to be mentioned!
    But - the amazing unification of good will on this project serves as a beacon of hope in a dark world!

    Now for the /rant (this is just some rant! it is not for narrow-minded moang-biased quibbel-{redacted})
    Mojang has shown its true face and it is a false, egocentric and very greedy one. Insulting the immense work the bukkit team and the community has put into this. It is hard to understand how some people are persuaded by the charade of Mojang. Had it not been for Bukkit I would never have bought my first copy of minecraft, and not the second, and not the third, and not the fourth, and not the fifth. I would neither recruit friends to buy into it - but did this so we could share an amazing and everchanging multiplayer experience only made possible by The Bukkit Project and its community. These filthy rich #¤&¤% would only be "a-bit-rich #¤&¤%" without the benefit on Bukkit. I am disgusted to see how Mojang and certain forum members disrespect this aspect. Instead of beeing proactive with information and communication - Mojang has chosen to provide little, late-timed and dishonest output... they have joined the ranks where so many companies and characters have ended up before them.
    /rant (*ohh so good to share frustration*)

    Wesley Wolfe - stand your ground, do not mind the haters!

    Lastley I would like to thank everyone who has been on the side line - the individuals who rarely or never voice out, but still participate in the adventure.
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    "Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened"

    Seems like a good quote for this occasion, even though I've said it once, thank you so so much to all contributors of the Bukkit Project!
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    To make this clear and speaking only for myself: I am not a dev. I am not part of the Sponge team.
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    My mistake, I thought I saw your name as a mod or OP on the channel. Kind of hard to tell who's in it when there is no official list yet.
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    I had a feeling this EULA was going to destroy Minecraft servers in some way shape and form. Good job Mojang, you have officially killed a whole community!
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    +9000 :)
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    The "funny" thing is that Mojang didn't even change their EULA...
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    Great job keeping Retired Staff and Administrator at the same time lukegb :)
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    I never saw this coming, very sad to see it happen, the staff list for bukkit is now only 17 people, I don't know how many their were before, but that is a very small number.

    I'm not sure what's going to happen to Bukkit, but whatever does happen, Thank you so much for developing this awesome software and community Bukkit Staff :D
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    I would have liked to respond to all of your threads, but after spending a couple hours reading them, I know it would take ten times longer to respond to them without looking like I was giving a canned response! :(

    So thanks for everything you guys have done. Bukkit has been a lot of fun because of you guys! And I'm really sorry for deleting my plugin uploads mid-review as frequently as I did. :oops:
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    Thank you for all you have done with the BukkitDev team. The whole community would never be as strong, and willing to lend a helping hand without the examples set by you and your colleagues. As a Bukkit Server owner, I am deeply saddened to hear of all of these resignations, but I want to wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

    Thank you for all you've done,
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    Thank you all for the tremendous amount of work you have all put into this wonderful "family". Having been a server owner for over 2 years and with absolutely no coding knowledge, I have always been immensely grateful for the people working "behind the scenes". During those times when I was under a lot of stress managing my server, I'd often remind myself that what I was going through was nothing in comparison with the work load that all of you had to endure. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone, for all of it. I hope you all keep in touch with one another and enjoy taking on your next "big project", whatever it my be. :)
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    RIP bukkit

    i hope if i say for everbody here!
    thath the new bukkit update is comming
    and bukkit grow bigger and bigger

    i say bye to the bukkit staff and i give you a big hugg
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    Goodbye ... its been a long trip for all of you guys! you guys did a gr8 job for the minecraft community!
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    Its sad to see so many of the bukkit staff leave. However I do wonder, what does all of the people leaving think about this Wolvereness drama going on. Do they support it? It must be hard to know that a project they have put so much time into will vanish. No one can even try to fork it, since its just going to be illegal. Fair enough that Wolvereness contributed allot and put allot of time into this project, but so has the rest of the bukkit developers. Is it fair that he can just destroy the whole project, even if hypnotically everyone else would wants it to go on. And even if all the bukkit developers might agree with him, what about all the plugin developers, that have put so much time into this.

    It might be "the right" thing to do according to the law what Wolvereness is doing, and he have certainly done a great job int he past on this project, but is it really his right to kill this project, would this in any way actually lead to anything good? To me this seems like he is killing his own child, but the thing is that he was not the only one that developed and raised this child, so legal stuff put aside, I would say this seems like an egoistic and ass###e thing to do. But I wonder what the bukkit developers think about this, are they pissed at Wolvereness or do they support him?
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    Ty for staying so long. Maybe consider helping out other sandbox games?
    Preferably open source, not java, community driven projects.
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    Peace! But Bukkit Will Stay Made By Dinnerbone and other Mojang people, right?
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    Go c0mp!
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    Really? No more bukkit?
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