An Idea that will Sell this thing to masses.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ledhead900, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Standardized Gui for the whole thing all the way thru to downloading and installing updates

    Expalined in more detail below what this GUI could possibly do.

    Console within the GUI window or sperated docking to eaither side < Like how the vanilla server inbuilds the console frame within the gui.

    Group Rank Control, Complete Permission set editor

    Server properties editor

    Motd editor < with possible ui for paragraphing, color ect

    Complete Plugin Enable and Disable /Update and Find Editor

    Stop/Restart button

    Basic diagnostic intergrity of server Check button

    Simulation mode setting? < Possability to simulate what your changes will do with out actuall setting the server live over the internet or committing to changes < Tricky one this!

    Built in help menu with usefull Java arguments for use in server command lines on startup

    Thats it for now I'm sure I will think of more if this thread actually gets praised. Just throwing this out there as its been a long time comming since an REAL gui based wrappers were around this kind of power we hope to see from this project.
  2. i think this is being done as in someone is making a c# wrapper for craftbukkit to deal with admin stuff like the stuff you are sujesting
    --- merged: Jan 4, 2011 2:35 PM ---
    called bsm - Bukkit server manager
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    Ah cool was hoping we would get a gui for this project it just helps everything go so much smoother when setting up.
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    As long as it supports being managed over a ssh connection, I'm happy.
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    I am creating a C# wrapper and if I can get it working how I want it to, I am going to port it over to Java.
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    I think it would be a much better and more worthwhile idea to have them provide an option for starting the server as a service. Then allowing people to call up a gui or a console with a command like "bukkit console" in a terminal window.

    Obviously this would be difficult to accomplish in Windows (just like everything else when it comes to programming), but it's a feature I've been wanting since I started my first vanilla server, and I only use Linux nowadays. I would much prefer to connect to my server with ssh rather than having to rely on a really slow VNC connection. Besides, I don't want the console/terminal window constantly open on the server.

    Mannaging a server with commands entered via the console (or even in game) is no big deal, and any user who wants to run a server should be able to do that anyway. If they had to rely on a GUI to manage their server, they'd be screwed when a problem occurred while they didn't have physical or VNC/RDP access to their server. Server's aren't supposed to need GUI's anyway.
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    It'd probably be best to use this, then (for *nix boxes, at least):

    I use this to manage my own server, along with a few crontab entries to provide automated restarts, take backups, run mcmap, and run rsync. Works just fine, and I'd be inclined to think that it would work with Bukkit/Craftbukkit with only minimal alterations.
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    On linux running a server should as be easy as:

    nohup ./ &
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