An all in one rank's plugin for prison servers

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by LosARCHIE, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I feel we need a perms plugin that can actually do stuff easily. Because there aren't many for 1.10

    what I want it to do:
    - Default group if one has not been manually set
    - /rankup, But only be specified what ranks you can use it from (so someone can't /rankup to become owner) and them to cost essentials money (preferably using vault)
    - Duel ranks so I can EASILY do things like this [A] PlayerName [Donater Rank or Just The defult]: message
    - Colour support so you can have &8[&aA&a]
    - Prefix and suffix
    - Customizable commands when used /rankup + variables so you can do this &8[&cRankUp&8] <PlayerName> just ranked up to <NewRank>
    - An easy config that doesn't need thousands of tutorials to just set the default rank
    - Not Branded: I mean so at the beginning of everything it makes it say the plugin name
    - An easy .txt guide on the plugin in the plugin

    Ideas for commands (these could all be sub commands)
    - /rankup already talked about that
    - /prefix g(roup)/u(ser) <prefix> sets a prefix for a group or user
    - /perm add/remove g(roup)/u(ser) <permission node> adds or removes a perm
    - /suffix g(roup)/u(ser) <suffix> sets a suffix
    - /inherit <Higher level group> <Lower level group>
    - or anyhting else you can think of

    Just another note
    - I don't want it to be just a plugin for my server I want other people to be able to use it two
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    EZRanksPro/Lite by extendedclip and PermissionsEX will do.
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