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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jaker232, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Because I was turned down by FreedomCraft because they claim I'm too 'unprofessional', I'm still looking for a server to work for and make plugins for.

    PM me if you are interested.

    No trollers or flamers or abusers here, please.

    Got a server. :D

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    FreedomCraft Dev Team Leader here. :D
    You weren't "turned down." You were fired.
    I'm not here to stir up ashes, but I want to make it clear that FreedomCraft is not getting rid of devs without a just reason.
    You were on the team way before myself and Nick. You had plenty of time to make some plugins. In the time Nick and I dev'd 10+ things, you dev'd 0. And that's including the time before we even arrived.
    We were going to wait for you to prove yourself, because we thought that you had potential. However not only did you not show any results, you continued to act childish, and tried to gain pity on the server for hours on end, among other things.

    I apologize that we had to let you go and that I am posting this, but I don't want people to get the wrong idea about FreedomCraft.

    Good luck with your adventures. :)
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    I just high-lighted. READ it.
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    Pretty sure he was not trolling, flaming or abusing.
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    If you feel someone is trolling, flaming, or abusing, use the report button.
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    Dear Jaker, as you certainly know, you've become a bit of a known character around here.
    A while back you asked and was given forgiveness from many people.
    And I'm certain you're probably wondering why this time once again your thread turned slightly inflammatory.

    I've highlighted parts of your posts in bold that are the main leading cause to this.
    By mentioning FreedomCraft you're pretty much cornering them to do a statement about this situation.
    Your best option here is to simply not mention it. FreedomCraft likely wouldn't have felt the need to go public with this either.

    Then there's the second part I highlighted in your post.
    Such statement is sadly almost a guaranteed to invite trolls.
    Again, your best option here is to simply omit such statements from your posts.

    You'll find your threads will have much less of a chance to catch fire if you stick to the message you wanted to get out and nothing else.
    Don't take snipes at people, don't preemptively call out trolls.
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    Locking thread for now, Please take the conversation somewhere private.
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