Allow block breaking not Placing! ASAP

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lolpaper21, May 13, 2012.

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    OK so im pretty adaptable with this one. I need a bit of help trying to get my permissions to work. Im able to use any permissions besides permissionsex. it reaaaalyy messed up my server. I need to find a way to get users to be able to break BUT not place blocks. any plugins? any permissions? need help ASAP!
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    why not pex ?
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    Because it fucked up my server. It just doesnt work on my pc. sorry
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    dont sorry me
    im not worshiping pex so it dont hurts me

    i just cant understand if so many users here use pex with same stuff probably you have on your pc are not suffering any problems

    but you from so many of us getting fucked up by pex

    well only conclusion would be you did something wrong so why dont you try it again and let us guide you and show that pex can solve your problem
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    dude, chill. Im just looking for an alternative. Jebus
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    im not angry

    im just trying explain to you that you did some mistake with pex
    and that pex can solve your problem cause i think you more what for your server to solve your problem more than find alternative

    with pex very easy you can block anything for any 1 without a problem

    question here is do you want to take a try and see for your sell its very easy and simple

    or you hold bad feeling to pex and you just want do to it but anything else than pex

    cause i only know how to do it with pex and that is only thing in which i can help you
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    I can't say how good this plug-in is as I've never used it. codename_B the author of bPermissions posted it in another thread as an alternative to modifyworld.

    Just reading the plug-in page, it looks like you would give the user antiguest.preventions.breakblock.* but not antiguest.preventions.placeblock.*.
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