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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Basic

    What I want: I want an all in one plugin, not to much Lets begin.

    1.) /warp (Warp)
    2.) /setwarp (Warp Name)
    3.) /warps (Lists warps)
    4.) /kingdom (name) -sets a prefix for your kingdom so when you chat its like [Kings Landing] Pokemaster:
    5.) /kingdom claim - Claims 20 block radius for every Hundred dollars the team has invested
    6.) /kingdom deposit - Takes money out of the persons balance and adds it into the teams balance
    7.) /kingdom withdraw - takes money out into the command senders balance
    8.) /kingdom disband - gets rid of all claims, prefix, money, etc.
    9.) /kingdom sethome - sets the teams HQ
    10.) /kingdom delhome - deletes the teams HQ
    11.) /kingdom list - lists all kingdoms
    12.) /kingdom (a kingdoms name) (Or players name) - Gives info about that kingdom, They're description, they're team HQ, they're team members
    13.) /kingdom invite (Player name) - invites a player to the kingdom

    You are not allowed to claim over other kingdoms, or raid kingdoms, or grief them. you can choose colors

    Ideas for commands:
    Commands above^^

    Ideas for permissions: - thirteen (For the commands listed above in order)

    When I'd like it by: saturday
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @CheifKeef And what can you do with the kingdoms? Are those public warps? Private warps? What can you do with the kingdown HQ?
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    Kingdoms is where you can build your town or kingdom to become a giant city, the /warps are public unless its a special one like .warp.donorlounge , The kingdom HQ is visible to other players so they can visit the town and trade, barter, etc.
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    Sounds a bit like towny or factions. Why not use an alias plugin for the /kingdom stuff?
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