All commands stopped working in 264

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Linkupdated, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Hi huy, Today i upgraded the server from 180+ i think to 265 and now i got no command working
    only save-all and other op functions. I got wolrdedit to work but any other won't.

    any help??
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    Yeah me too =[
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    This is because i make every time an test server.
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    yeah, good idea. I will do that everytime now. Im often having problems after some updates
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    Lots of updates soon then lets hope.
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    The Bukkit Plugin Development interface changed drasticly recently, and while plugin developers were told about this in advance, we where largly lead to belive that it was a feature to be supported in the future.. not something that would be enforced on us without our agreement now.

    Updates will happen as soon as plugin developers wake up and realize the users are angry because they dont support onCommand yet instead of onPlayerCommand..
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    oh that why now its not /#stop its /stop. Thanks ill look forward to updates
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    Sweet. Thanks for clarifying what the problem was fever. Hope to see plugins soon :D
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