Airborne PVP Mini Game

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    Plugin category: PVP Skyblock

    Suggested name: Airborne PVP

    What I want: if like that there would be 20 of the same map that restet them selfs after each match players are allowed to break blocks on the map there are 4 players in the game.there will be 4 ships they will spawn on one of the for ships there will be 1 chest in the ship for supplies they have to gather the supplies and build to the skyblock islands there will be more chest there so they get more advantages. so the main part of this game is like skyblock warriors you have to survive and be the last one to live.
    [how to enter the game]
    there will be one portal you go in then it takes you to a match automatically

    Ideas for commands:
    enter game by portal
    /ap createarena
    /ap setspawn next [only allows 4 spawns each arena]
    /ap setlobbyspawn

    Ideas for permissions: the only permissions needed are for the portal to enter the game

    When I'd like it by: 1 month
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    I have no idea what you want... Try formatting it, might help us decipher that block of text.

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