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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Apostille, Aug 3, 2022.

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    Plugin Version: 1.8.8

    Description: Used to train your aiming skills by clicking a head and then after that the head moves to another space on the wall

    I would like it setup so that its in a 4x4 spacing. Once a head is clicked it randomly moves to another space on
    the 4x4 wall.

    Interaction: In order to start the aim training, all you have to do is go up to it and click the head and keep clicking until you miss, once you miss it resets back to the beginning.

    Stats: A stat tracker for this would be a nice addition
    Command: /AimStats
    Displays how many blocks you clicked before miss clicking and the average time it took you between Clicks.
    (Resets every new attempt)
    Command: /AimTop
    Top Users Stats for the Aim Trainer
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    I wanna pick up on this, but I got some questions (additions?) if you want that.
    Sizes can be manually adjusted (you can make it 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 etc) by selecting corners. -> so more servers can use it.

    If yes also an implementation of clicking at the block from far away would work so they wouldn't have to move around (or are not allowed to move around on like a 10x10 wall)?

    Top 3 for every single AimTrainer you make?

    Top 3 will be saved in a Config file, so resetting (not restarting but resetting) server files will lose ur top 3. I won't use a Database.

    And a question, what head should be used? manually select a playerhead or use a preset one? or use config where you can input a playername for their head?

    Also what avoids player from going to stand next to the 4x4 wall and keeping their mouse button pressed while jumping up and down (not hitting the wall but just the air unless when a head passes by in their jump)
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    To answer your questions:
    #1 Yes the size of the area can be manually adjusted by clicking on corners
    #2 A config file is fine for this.
    #3 a preset head but make it changable if at all possible.
    #4 In the area for the aim trainer if something is clicked that isnt a head it resets the aim trainer and you restart.
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    I am actully having problems with the version: 1.8.8, its very outdated and hard for me to even begin programming on. In order to make a plugin for 1.8.8 I gotta install an older version of Java but eclipse is giving me problems with that Java version.

    I'm very sorry but I didn't check the version when I saw this plugin request the first time.
    I'm afraid I can only make it for a more recent version of minecraft due to this Java problem.

    Also the older Minecraft versions are ones i've never programmed with, meaning a lot of things I can't get done properly in those versions.
    I'm only familliar with the later versions starting from 1.16
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    Hey, I'll try if you insist on the version.
    If you want it, let me know!
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    Could give it a shot on 1.16 and see what happens, Should still be compatible with the server since its 1.8-1.18
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    that would be awesome! Let me know if you can make it happen
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    Hello, it's done :)
    If there are any changes you want to make or bugs you found, let me know!
    If you have any questions, then feel free to ask.

    I made it a little bit complicated, so I attached an image of creating a new aim trainer.
    In the picture you see two bedrocks, you have to break them during the creation process to create a 3x3 aim trainer (can be any size).

    I tested it in both 1.8.8 and 1.16.5, it works in both versions. (I haven't tested the other versions, but it should work).
    In the config file I've included some justifications for certain values.

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