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    Hello bukkit!

    A bit about me: I'm an admin of a regular Minecraft server, but wanted to add a cool twist, dying of old age.

    What I want: Heres what I got. After a certain amount of Minecraft days (however many seems appropriate) the player gets a notification that they have reached a new level in life. After they reach a certain age, the enter old age. Then after a set amount of time, the player becomes weak, and dies. They will then get banned from the server, or have three lives or something like that.

    Commands: The plugins should have commands like, /suicide or /age info to see how old they are.

    Config: In the Config could be the time of how long a users life is.

    Extras: These are just some things that might add to the feeling, if possible. Exercising will increase life span. Diseases would decrease life span.

    If anyone would like to do this, that would be awesome! Thanks guys!
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    i like the idea but it seems pretty pointless imho

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