Age of Minecraft [Formatted for your covience]

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    Plugin category: fun/admin/world gen/roleplaying

    Suggested name: Age of Minecraft

    A bit about me: I am an admin for a small
    server that will soon be releasing videos.
    My job is a bit stressful because not only do i have admin jobs
    but plugin reasearcher and my own base to build.

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that adds NPCs.
    Not only that but allows you to make an empire with NPCs
    whom will do you bidding.
    I want it to have five classes:
    I ill add more but haven't thought up more ideas.
    Also i want to allow it to grow with more citizens

    Ideas for commands:
    to make town
    /village [name of town] [civlization style] [owner] /village war
    /village peace
    /village build [structure]

    Note: I am working on skins for the NPCs. because i don't want to use other peoples.
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    That would be huge, and very difficult to program, I'm not asking for money, as I have no intention to attempt this, but if you actually want someone to follow through on this plugin, I recommend you offer to pay the dev.
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    i would pay the dev but money is tight right now. but it is a great i dea

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