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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Darktone, May 2, 2011.

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    Ok so I've been browsing minecraft(dot)net and the Bukkit forums for a good >2 hours or so. Looking for mods that can make SMP more challenging. Hunger isn't something that would make it challenging, we're all used to playing carrying around 5 pieces of cooked pork.

    The first night or two was pretty cool, but after that it just got super super easy, we're about 5 people strong and we've already moved areas, started fresh and made new forts and deep mines. Basicially there is no real "challenge" in the game at all for us.

    So I apologize if this was in the wrong area of this place, new to the Bukkit forums. But, I'm wondernig if there are any Mods/Plugins in development that would add stronger/faster mobs to the game. Or add more to do perhaps.

    I was browsing through a mod called SteamCraft, and a couple others called Mo Creatures and Creatures and Wierdos, none of them seemed to me SMP though. Is there anything out there like them for the game? Cause as it is, the game is getting a bit stale for us. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long-winded post.
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    First of all: You are right, this does not belong in this section (This section is for developers to ask about developing)

    There are currently no really cool mods that do what you want, because they are not yet possible.
    People are already making great progress though, but without notchs implementation of a real API, I dont think that it will become something serious.
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    @Deathly: not a very helpful post... and its also rather incorrect, since most plugins actually do add more to do in the game, but you seemed you have missed that part

    Goto And check out some plugins, maybe you can find something that interests you, there are a few fun plugins with could improve game play / add new things to do.
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    Your Post is really helpful.. the OP searched for hours and you just gave a link to the plugin list. Now he will just magically find the ultracool plugin that he searched forever.

    My Post btw. is fully correct, because the functionality that the OP requested is not yet possible with Bukkits API. I could also have included links to the different approaches, but they are all in a pre-beta state, and therefore not recommended to use.

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    Hmmm, well sorry to have put this in the wrong section, it was rather late last night when I did finally give up my search. It's also unfortunate to hear that what we're looking for cannot be done to SMP as of yet, really kills the game for us since we're no longer threatened by anything.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond though, both of you. I'll give the list another look through and see if there's anything that might make it a bit more fun.

    Ok so, in looking around evne more, this one looks a bit promising, I saw it before but thought little of it.

    Apparently they plane to add harder monsters in the future, that looks like my best bet at a more challenging game. Blah, oh well, thanks once more for your help everyone and let's hope Notch gets off his arse and adds a proper API so we can get some awesome mods in here.
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    Hey Darktone,

    I run a server for a bunch of my buddies, and we were in the same predicament. So I spent most of a day compiling some mods that make things more challenging. Here is the list for you to peruse:

    smpdifficulty - Ramp up the damage done by players and mobs, including the creeper explosion ratio. We have it set that a creeper point blank will wipe you out, even in full iron.
    NatrualGiants - 5% chance to spawn giant mobs with fire attack. We avoid them unless we're in a geared out group.
    ZombieAttack - Zombies can destroy blocks to get you. Only complaint is they don't aggro far enough... yet.
    ecoCreature - Allows you to tweak the drops of all mobs and animals. We've made it so it's much more difficult to make arrows, gunpowder is slightly more prevalent because it's more fun, and there is REAL incentive to go out at night or search for dungeons.
    HeroicDeath - Broadcast humorous death messages. It's always hilarious to find out who hugged a creeper.
    Horde - Spawn lots of mobs. Lots. of. Mobs.

    These mods have prerequisites like permissions, persistence, sqlite and so on, so expect to spend some time configuring. It's all well-documented, just requires lots of tweaking. They all work with the current Bukkit quite seamlessly.
    I hope that helps! It will definitely make things more interesting.
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    Oh wow Rogue, thanks alot dude, this will help alot. I didn't even see half of the things you're talking about. But I'll definately look them up and we'll give them a whirl. Thanks.

    We're running MCMMO it's fun but it somehow made it easier. I can take a direct Creeper hit in full iron and lose one heart, and maybe a couple hits of armor. Though I'm the only one, so perhaps I'm leveling things up differently. I'm the point man for dungeonr unning. :( Thanks alot, will see if we can't add an element of danger to our game again. ^_^
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    Sorry for the DP, we installed all the mods, it has made it a fair bit harder, still sorta sucks though. Most enemies are reaaaaally easy to kill, so we eithier try to get outselves killed which defeats the purpose of it. Or just blarg yeah. Has added alot more challenge, and creepers sneaking up and insta killing you is always fun. :D Still wish there were SMP mods that could add new mobs to it, but from my understanding it'simpossible or next to it.
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    @Darktone You are not in the wrong section... I don't know what @Deathly means but @roguepacket had some good suggestions. If you would like... you could use my plugin ^_^ (in sig)
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    Mods in smp are possible
    just not with bukkit
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    @Walker Crouse This was posted in Plugin Development and was then moved, so my post is not valid anymore.
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    Okay then, my mistake.
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