After 4 years away from faction based minecraft.

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    I remember when you simply needed to build a smaller base to survive. Nowadays, in raiding servers, tnt cannon technology has advanced, provoking new base building strategies. However, I find these lava/water/cobble walls to be an eyesore to the sunset scene, so I have spawned a bunch of ideas.

    PvP Raiding version of Faction Plugin: (as opposed to tnt raiding)

    •Claimed land can be mined by non-members, but not when the target faction is entirely offline.

    •When target faction is entirely offline, anti-griefing is activated. Deactivation happens if even one member of the target faction is online. Anti-griefing activates after 5 minutes of logging off. Counter resets when a member logs in.

    •A mining debuff on non-faction members in claimed land. Debuff can not be dispelled and will grow stronger according to certain conditions, like amount in bank, number of members, etc. Can be substituted with strengthening block values to increase amount of time used for breaking a block. Allows non-members to mine in member-land, but with minimal to less than average results. Debuff dispells upon leaving claimed land.

    •Explosion resistance, same conditions as above or different, applies to blocks in claimed land and/or player.

    •Chests can be opened by enemies or neutral, but will take 1 or more minutes of inactivity to open. Simulates picking a lock or something.

    The following is unrelated to you, but if you know anyone who has an interest in this, please spread the word to related parties.

    •(unrelated)allow one to take one of 4 class paths: strength, endurance, speed, intellect. Each one only enhances one attribute slightly.

    Strength: extra point of damage to health or armor, with 80% chance of extra damage on armor and 20% chance of extra damage on health

    Endurance: increases the hunger bar and decreases energy usage. Allows extra inventory slots depending on number of increased hunger bar

    Speed: movement speed increase, mining speed increase, knockback resist modifier. Designed to counterract mining debuff by 10-20%.

    Intellect: decreases time required to pick locks/open chests.
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