AdventureLand - Adventure Maps taken to the extreme! (2 Plugins)

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    In the works: The all new AdventureLand Dual Plugin Experience!
    Instead of being restricted to lame maps made by me, I am opening this up to the public to create the best maps evar! If you make adventure maps please read the list below, and if you just wanna play them read the list below that:
    Map Playing:
    When playing an AL formatted adventure map:
    • Easy startup configuration. Just add the players to the player list via the in-game commands or by directly editing the files
    • An unrivaled experience when playing the sure to be awesome maps made by people (i might even convert some well known adventure maps to the AL format as well).
    • Many in-game components that cannot be achieved in vanilla minecraft, if you would like to know more read the list above ;)
    • Cheating is disabled!!! LOL!!! No placing or breaking blocks unless the map builder says you can :p
    Map Builder Progress:
    • Color support with &a-f/1-9 across the board!
    • Config reload with /alreload (config.yml)
    • Setting the lobby location with /setlobby
    • Testing the lobby location (teleporting to it) with /lobbytest
    • Setting player spawns with /setspawn player(1-6)
    • Testing (teleporting to) player spawns with /spawntest player(1-6)
    • Map info being shown by /map info, set in config
    • Map info being shown by a right clicking a sign with this setup (vertically):
    • Sign to right click, block, block, sign with first line [INFO]
    • Custom join message set in config
    • Custom quit message set in config
    • Custom server start message for use in ALPlayer, set in config
    • Custom first time server start message for use in ALPlayer, set in config
    • Finished [HLOCK] door locks, use like this (vertically):
    • Door; block; sign with first line [HLOCK], second line the id of the block in hand to unlock the door;(optional) sign with first line [MSG], rest of lines a message to send when the player opens the door with the unlock item
    • Pressure plates with a sign 2 under it with: [BC], x y z, block id to change the specified location's block to (kind of confusing)
    • Teleporting the player to the lobby on when they join,
    • Death options, either spawn or lobby, if spawn the player is teleported to their specific spawn/start location,if lobby they are teleported to the lobby
    • Infinite Items in builder only
    • Instant Break in builder only
    • A sign 2 under a door with the first line [MSG] will show the next 3 lines as a message to the player
    • Instead of a [LOCK] sign 2 under a door, just put a [HLOCK] sign with no id
    • Pressure plates with a sign 2 under it with [BM] as the first line will broadcast the rest of the lines as a message to the whole server
    Not finished:
    • A /alfakestart to test the player's teleporting and start message, but besides that:
    Map Builder Config:
    Config, PLEASE READ FIRST!!! The config.yml that you use will be used when somebody plays your map on the player! You need to set it up right!
    config.yml (open)

    locations: //Leave all of the locations alone, they are set in-game with the commands!
        lobby: Lobby
        death: spawn
            player1: Player1Spawn
            player2: Player2Spawn
            player3: Player3Spawn
            player4: Player4Spawn
            player5: Player5Spawn
            player6: Player6Spawn
            author: 'Author' //This will show in /map info or an info sign
            start: 'Start Message' //This will show when, in the Player, the players are teleported to their spawns with the /alstart command
            name: 'Map Name' //This will show in /map info or an info sign
            version: 'Map Version' //This will show in /map info or an info sign
            info: '%info' //Leave this for a /map info command and an info sign to show the values above, if you change it the command and sign will show whatever message you put in!
            enable: 'When the plugin is enabled it will show this' //When the plugin starts in the Player this is what will be shown!
            playerjoin: '%name has joined the game!' //When a player joins the game..
            first: 'When the plugin is enabled for the first time it will show this' //When the plugin starts in the player for the first time this will be shown!
            playerquit: '%name has left the game!' //When a player quits the game...

    Map Builder Download:
    Click me to download ALBuild.jar
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    Why a second thread for the same thing? lame -.-
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    @Dreadreaver Well the other one was originally going to be a plugin + a map, this one is going to be 2 plugins, because i suck at making adventure maps
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    Lol :D
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    hahaha I agree.
    Well ant ways still hope this picks up :D
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    It's already released.
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    Yeah I never properly linked them to the OP. Go to: for more info
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