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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TheOfficialSpinyGames, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Thank you, but tpa seems to be broken still.
    It did teleport, but i have an error in both game and console[​IMG]

    As I said before I will be happy to have option to prevent players from teleporthing while player is standing in water or lava. Thanks to spiny for idea.
    Maybe it can simply check if player has this bar: [​IMG]
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    1. You didn't show the full error but i tried the tpa, got the error and i fixed the error. (the error was just me that forgot something)
    2. I've added a 'Liquid-Cancel-Tp' option in the config to cancel /home and /tpa <player> if you are in water or lava. You can change the messages for water and lava in the messages.yml
  3. Thanks @KarimAKL

    Edit; Found a issue

    If a player is offline, another player can't do ./place Pepijn (if pepijn is offline)

    Can u fix da? Thx

    And maybe add /tpsys reload

    Edit: How can i setup the wait-time system

    And can u setup something that if a player walks and it detects it, it'll directly stop (Not saying it after 3 seconds, thats frustrating)
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    Hey thanks plugin is perfect.

    I feel like an idiot now because I missed this:
    But thats ok, I don't think that any premium player with these usernames will ever join my server :D
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    Yeah, it's possible but very unlikely. :7 Glad to know you like it. :)
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    Today player asked me if i can add another home teleport.
    Right now there is command /set home, would be cool to have another command /set place and /place which will work exactly same, it's just another tp location for players. Saved in data folder places.yml just like homes.
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    Haven't tested so if you get any errors please let me know.
    Here you go:
    EDIT: '/place' and '/set place' uses the same "Console" and "Usage" messages as the '/home' and '/set home' so if you want to change those messages you'll need to change it there.
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    Hey, thanks, but i cannot tp to place.
    Not getting any errors btw

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    Perfect :)
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