Filled AdvancedFlowers (plugin for creative servers)

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    Plugin name: AdvanceFlowers
    Version: 1.12.2 +

    Command aliases: advanceflower, advanceflowers, advflower, advflowers, createflower, flower, advancedflowers, advancedflower
    There is one command, /flower, will open up a gui where you can edit the advanced flower.

    (it is extremely difficult to explain gui plugins i might make a video or google doc for extra info. but the plugin is a very simple concept in general, ill do my best to put it in words. also you would need to be experienced developer, this plugin will be hard to make, but if ur up for a challenge go for it. )

    To begin with, I made a /warp flowergui on my server ( with a chest of each menu, that way it is much easier to get a visual of each of the gui menus. The top being the main menu, and 4 categories within the main menu.
    The plugin will let you edit a flower in 1 menu, with 4 categories of block choices to layer up the flower. For example, if you layer your flower to grass, sunflower, sunflower, poppy, you will then click "create flower" and you will receive an enchanted flower pot with no NBT attributes, named &d&lCustom Flower with lores of the layers and ids as follows:
    When you place down this custom flowerpot, it will place down your advanced flower as the layers. (double plants will only be 1 block space), thus this is the result:
    (the check will be if pot was successfully placed, then it will set each block above it (if air block) to the corresponding layer, including the pot itself, creating the layered flower we made in the gui. ) (if the pot wasn't successfully placed, that means the player cant build in that area and the flower should not generate)
    The pot remains in the inventory and does not go away.

    Hopefully that makes sense so far... now to the gui menus:
    There is 1 main menu:
    the categories (the 4 blocks at the top) you click to choose categories to display the blocks in the middle section, which u can add to the layers of the flower. When you click the green button (create flower) it will give u the custom enchanted pot that u can place as ur flower. it will not close the gui, the only button that closes gui is the exit menu barrier. (i g2g for now, will fix wording and add more info later)

    It is very important for me that the formatting/colors/lores and spelling are all exact.
    Protect plugins i have are essentialsprotect, worldguard, plotsquared.

    Edit #1
    I made a chart with all the slot numbers, item ids and name/lore to make it easier for devs, u can just copy and paste the names.
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    If I understood anything, I would do it. I love GUI's but holy crap I'm confused; lol.
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    Go to buildrefugee server, do
    /public, /plot auto, and then type /createflower. Thats the server i got the idea from, exactly same concept, different oriented gui is all. Once u see it its very easy to understand, i am bad at explaining. Also ill make a video when i can, and a chart with each slot number to make it easy
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