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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: AdvancedCrates

    What I want: A plugin where you can get crate keys (Tripwire Hooks). To get a key to open a crate they will buyable through BuyCraft. There will be three chest at spawn, Super Crate, Ultra Crate, and Op Crate. When players buy a key they can go up to the chest and right click it and they will get a random item. Also the Keys (Tripire Hook) needs to have a specific thing so if they buy a Super crate they cant open the Ultra Crate or Op Crate and open them and same with the other keys. Also the tripwires need to have a specific thing (Sorry im not sure what its called) were players just cant make regular tripwire hooks and use them. Also make it so its configurable so there can be specific things in the crates. Kind of hard to explain.

    Ideas for commands: Ideas for commands: /crate give key [keyname] [username] [amount] so for example /crate give OpKey im_a_boss1398 5

    Ideas for permissions: give.key

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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