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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Aronix12, Jul 22, 2019.

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    I would like a simple plugin that would allow me to make certain players more or less vulnerable to different damage sources. perhaps with a permission system of: plugin-name.weakness/resist.damage-type.multiplier. I would like every possible damage type node that can be made.

    as a side note it would be fantastic if the system could also make people resistant to arrows, snowballs, and eggs separately. Specifically because I am using the Crackshot plugin and I would like to make certain people more resistant to the different types of bullets. Especially snowball and egg because they deal true damage despite what armor a player wears.

    One last note... I'm still on minecraft version 1.7.10 with my server

    I may be willing to pay depending on the level of success. Especially if you can get the resistance to crackshot weapons working well.
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    Machine Maker

    I can definitely work on something like this. So you are talking about every type of damage? Like Cactus, Fire, Lava, Thorns, Fall, Arrow, Egg, Snowball, (I will have to think of the complete list).

    @Aronix12 Take a look at this. It's a complete listing of all the damage types in 1.7.10. Let me know if those work for you as the different damage types. (There are other ways to separate the PROJECTILE damage type into arrows, snowballs, eggs, etc)

    Here is the initial version. Probably gonna need some improvements.

    So the basics are as follows:
    Permission format: damagemultipliers.<damage_type>.<modifier>
    The damage types can be anyone of the ones listed here. (case insensitive)
    The modifier can be any decimal value (e.g. 1.0, 4.3, 0.2)

    If you notice, PROJECTILE is on that list. Modifying that will affect ALL the projectile damages. To get a specific one, there is a different format: damagemultipliers.projectiles_<type>.<modifier>

    Technically type can be any entity but you probably just want to use Arrow, Egg, and Snowball.

    Let me know if you have any questions. :)

    EDIT: I may need to do something different to handle the Crackshot weapons and stuff so let me know if I need to.
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    Sorry for the delay, I have been rather busy. Thank you for taking this up for me. I will begin testing this with my weapons and I'll get back to you.

    As an aside, is there any way we can modify the damage players take from melee attacks depending on the tool they're holding??

    Also, what is "custom damage?"

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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 Be careful about double posting within 24 hours.

    Yeah I can add per tool damage. Do you want per tool type (e.g. shovel, axe, sword) or per tool and per material?

    As for Custom damage, I really have no clue. I saw that when I was making the plugin and just figured it wouldn't be used.

    Also, did you get a chance to test the plugin? How is it working out?
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    So far the plugin works beautifully on everything aside from my crackshot plugin weapons. Currently the crackshot weapons are dealing true damage according to their configured damage value just as always. also per tool is good enough, but per material would also be very interesting if it's easy enough to throw in.
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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 Ok. Can you send me your Crackshot configuration so I can test it out? I will get to work on making the crackshot weapons follow the multipliers. I will also do the per tool per material multipliers as well.
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    what's the best way to send it to you?
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    Machine Maker

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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 Here is the updated version. It has the per item damage, not material. That will take a bit more work.
    Permission syntax for Crackshot weapons and tools (well really any item listed here) is in the image
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    Thank you! I think that this approach is a lot better than my original take! I'll begin testing it. Out of question, if I continue to create new weapons will they be supported?
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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 Yeah, it just uses the name you give the weapon when you are configuring it in Crackshot
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    What is the .0 in DIAMOND_SWORD.0.5 mean?
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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 its a 0.5 multiplier. so half the damage

    You can have any decimal there greater than or equal to 0
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    oh... my mind just likes to think of each decimal as a separation so I got confused... I guess I realized that already. So far it's working wonders. This is going to help the balance in my class system. Thank you! I don't believe I will need much else here. I'll keep you posted if I run into a big bug though.

    So it appears as though multiplying the damage of the crackshot weapons is working. I attempted to decrease the damage and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'll give you an example of my Living Armor class and the permissions I used.

    EDIT 2
    Nevermind... seems like I put in the permissions incorrectly. I fixed the issue.

    Out of question is it possible to modify resistance to mobs??
    Also it seems as though I can't actually make someone immune to taking damage from weapons.
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    Machine Maker

    @Aronix12 Setting the value to 0 doesn't remove the damage?
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